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GK Quiz For Upcoming Government Exams - 48


GK Quiz For Upcoming Government  Exams - 48

Q1. The control of thr preparation of electoral rolls for Parliament and Legislature vests with the ?
A. Chief Minister
B. Prime Minister
C. President
D. Election Commission

Q2. The Election Commission doesnot conduct the elections to the ?
A. Lok Sabha
B. Rajya Sabha
C. Presidents election
D. Local bodies

Q3. Who is the present chief Election Commission of India ?
A. Navin Chawla
B. M S Gill
C. S Y Quereshi
D. V S Sampat

Q4. Which among the following Rajdhani trains covers the longest distance ?
A. 2433 Chennai Central
B. 2431 Trivandrum Central
C. 2435 Dibrugharh Town
D. 2429 Bengaluru City Junction

Q5. Which among the following is the major item of export from Paradeep Port ?
A. Rice
B. Tea
C. Fish
D. Iron ore

Q6. In which one of the following places is the headquarters of North-Eastern Railway located ?
A. Guwahati
B. Gorakhpur
C. Kolkata
D. Bhubaneshwar

Q7. Which one of the following is the longest National Highway in India ?
A. NH2
B. NH7
C. NH31
D. NH32

Q8. Who among the following was a prominent leader of the Congress Socialist Party ?
A. MN Roy
B. Pattam Thanu Pillai
C. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi
D. Acharya Narendra Dev

Q9. Who of the following was associated with the August Offer ?
A. Lord Wavell
B. Lord Irwin
C. Lord Linlithgow
D. Lord Mountbatten

Q10. Who among the following was the President of the All-India States Peoples's Conference in 1939 ?
A. Jaya Prakash Narayan
B. Jawaharlal Nehru
C. Sheikh Abdullah
D. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Q11. February 21, 1915 was fixed as the date for an armed revolt by the Ghadarities in ?
A. Bengal
B. Punjab
C. Bihar
D. Bombay

Q12. Who was the first Indian selected as a member of the British Parliament ?
A. Dadabhai Naoroji
B. R C Dutt
C. Rammohan Roy
D. Meghnad Desai

Q13. Who among the following has described the uprising of 1857 as the First Indian War of Independence ?
A. SN Sen
B. RC Majumdar
C. VD Savarkar
D. BG Tilak

Q14. Which among the following countries has started import of power from India in October 2013 ?
A. Sri lanka
B. Bhutan
C. Bangladesh
D. Myanmar

Q15. Which among the following countries faced the first government shutdown in seventeen years in October 2013 ?
C. France
D. Germany

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