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General Knowledge MCQ For SSC CGL- Set 2

General Knowledge MCQ For SSC CGL- Set 2

General Knowledge MCQ For SSC CGL- Set 2

Dear Readers, 
You can prepare for the upcoming SSC CGL exam by following the Daily GK MCQ/Quiz from Achiever's Rule. Read All Articles to get ready for the exam.

Q1. Who was the writer of ancient book Indica ?
A. Hiuen Sang
B. Fa Hien
C. Megasthenes
D. Nicator
E. None of them

Q2.Which of the following was an ancient dockyard of Harappa Civilization ?
A. Mahenjo-Daro
B. Lothal
C. Kalibangan
D. Dholavira
E. None of these

Q3.Who was not a member of the Nabaratna Sabha of Samudragupt II ?
A. Kalidas
B. Varahamihira
C. Sanku
D. Sushruta
E. Harisena

Q4.'Prayag Prasasti' was composed by Whom ?
A. Harshavardhan
B. Samudragupt
C. Harisena
D. Kalidas
E. None of them

Q5.Jalianwalabag Massacre was occurred on the celebration of which festival ?
A. Diwali
B. Dussera
C. Eid
D. Raksha Bandhan
E. Baisakhi

Q6.Beri-Beri is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamin ?
A. D
B. E
C. B1
D. B12
E. A

Q7.Which two islands are seperated by 'Ten Degree Channel' ?
A. Andaman and Sumatra
B. Andaman and Nicobar
C. Sumatra and Lakshadeep
D. Sumatra and Maldives
E. None of these

Q8.Who is the writer of the book 'The Immortals Of Meluha' ?
A. Chetan Bhagat
B. Arundhuti Roy
C. Jhumpa Lahiri
D. Ravinder Singh
E. Ameesh

Q9.Which of the following alloys is known as the 'Amalgam' ?
A. Mercury and Iron
B. Mercury and Platium
C. Mercury and Tungsten
D. Mercury and Silver
E. None of these

Q10.'Satyameva Jayate', which is inscribed below the emblem of India, is taken from which of the ancient texts ?
A. Katha Upanishada
B. Chandogya Upanishada
C. Mundaka Upanishada
D. Skanda Upanishada
E. None of these

Q11.Which of the following is known as 'Philosopher's wool' ?
A. Zinc Bromate
B. Zinc Chloride
C. Zinc Sulphide
D. Zinc Oxide
E. None of these

Q12.What is the main philosophy of Jaininsm ?
A. The world is created and maintained by Universal Soul
B. The world is created and maintained by Universal Truth
C. The world is created and maintained by Universal Law
D. the world is created and maintained by Universal Faith
E. None of these

Q13.Dampa Tiger Reserve is located at which state ?
A. Nagaland
B. Assam
C. Manipur
D. Mizoram
E. Tripura

Q14.The Chief Justice of India is appointed by whom ?
A. Prime Minister
B. President
C. Vice President
D. Former Chief Justice
E. None of them

Q15.Who was the chairman of the Drafting Committe of the 'Constitution of India'?
A. Dr. B. R Ambedkar
B. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
C. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D. Pandit Ballav Bhai Pant
E. None of them

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