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Digital MSME Scheme- An Overview

Digital MSME Scheme- An Overview

Digital MSME Scheme- An Overview

Essential For the Upcoming SSC CGL Exam
MSME sector is considered as the backbone of Indian Economy as it can provide maximum scope of employability to the citizens. Though it used to run successfully, it had faced some difficulties like international competition, use of old technologies etc. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has launched a scheme to make the Digital India Mission successful. The scheme is named as Digital MSME scheme. Union Minister of MSME Kalraj Mishra already handed over three memorandums of understanding to the HMT, Intel and SAP India under this scheme.

Features of the Scheme-
According to the Ministry of MSME, the scheme will boost the digitization process in India. The scheme is based on Cloud Computing and is affordable in nature. Due to these reasons, it can be the suitable alternative of in-house IT infrastructure installed by MSME. Using cloud computing can use the internet to access common, useful software for handling business purpose and developed IT infrastructure.

  • Cloud computing is easy to use 
  • There is no need to invest on the hardware, software or any other infrastructure related necessities. 
  • It follows the 'Pay As You Use' concept. 
  • It can reduce the initial cost of some specific services. 
  • The users can use this technology as per their requirements as the Cloud Computing Technology is easily changeable. 
  • The facilities of the technology are available in any device at any platform. 
  • The users need not to worry about the installation and up gradation. 
Objective of this Scheme-
To upgrade the MSME to the International Standard by adopting Cloud Computing for ICT(Information and Communication Technologies) adoption in the production and business sector.
Use of best technologies to improve the quality of service and products
Help large number of MSME by ensuring various facilities like less delivery time, reduction of cost, improvement of quality and productivity by reducing the investment-burden on infrastructure.

Vision of Digital MSME Scheme-
  • To develop cost effective ICT infrastructure platform 
  • To establish the inter and intra networks between the Technology Centers across India 
  • To enable the MSME to search raw material, expert professionals online 
  • To use of best technology to upgrade the standard of the product 
  • To reduce to delivery cycle time 
  • To enable IT as a medium of Communication for increased market access 
  • To evolve internal efficiencies like cost reduction, collaboration, capacity enhancement etc. 
  • There will be only subscription and usage charges

According to the Govt, The Digital MSME Scheme can be a boon to the Indian Economy. Ministry of MSME has taken several steps to motivate the MSME to adopt the Cloud Based implementation of ICT. Several awareness programs regarding the MSME scheme are also planned by the Govt. on the electronic, radio and print media.
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