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Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 23rd June 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 23rd June 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 23rd June 2017

Dear Readers,
Achiever's Rule is providing you the opportunity to solve Daily Current Affairs MCQ/Quiz to enhance your speed and preparation. As well as, you can follow the Daily Current Affairs Update, Banking Articles, Current Affair Articles to know the important facts for your exam. You can also download the PDFs available.
Q1.Who has appointed as the Union Home Secretary of India ?
A.Durga Sharkar Mishra
B.Rajiv Gauba
C.DurgaShakti Nagpal
D.Ashok Khemka
E.None of them

Q2.Who is awarded with the Ministry of Environment Award in Japan ?
A.Dr. Mahendra Pujara
B.Dr. Poonam Singh
C.Dr. Obaid Siddiqi
D.Dr. Shrihari Chandraghatgi
E.None of them

Q3.Who is appointed as the Special Secretary in the Ayush Ministry ?
A.Sanjay Rastogi
B.Bhuvan Khurana
C.Rajesh Kotecha
D.Nikhil Juneja
E.None of them

Q4.Who is appointed as the head of Counter-terrorism unit of UN ?
A.Alexei Alyosha
B.Vladimir Voronkov
C.Andrei Adja
D.Alexo Dio
E.None of them

Q5.What is the latest feature launched by Delhi Metro ?
A.Bio metric card
B.Robot Ticket Collector
C.TV in the coaches
D.Smart Watch as the entry and exit pass
E.None of these

Q6.What is the feature of the latest security tool launched by Facebook ?
A.To enhance the complexity of password to reduce the risk of hacking
B.To protect the profile pictures from being downloaded and shared
C.To protect one from unwanted tagging
D.To prevent messages from the one who is not in the friend list
E.None of these

Q7.Quickr India has absorbed which of the following job listing companies to make a good position in blue collar job area?
B.Times Job
D.Freshers Job
E.None of these

Q8.Which country has unveiled 1st Railless Train that runs on virtual track ?

Q9.With which Metro Rail Corporation Axis Bank has launched the first open loop EMV contact less Metro Card of India ?
A.Kolkata Metro
B.Delhi Metro
C.Mumbai Metro
D.Kochi Metro
E.Jaipur Metro

Q10.Which of the following is named as the best Airline in the World by Skytrax ?
A.Air Asia
C.Qatar Airways
D.Air France
E.Singapore Airlines

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