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Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 17th June 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 17th June 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 17th June 2017

Dear Readers,  
Follow the Daily Current Affairs Update and Current Affairs Articles from Achiever's Rule and solve the Daily Current Affairs Quiz/ Daily Current Affairs MCQ practice set. It is extremely beneficial for Bank, SSC and Rail exams.
Q1.Nalanda University has signed a five years MoU with which of the following Foreign University ?
A.Cambridge University
B.Oxford University
C.Academy of South Koren Studies
D.Tokyo University
E.Dhaka University

Q2.Which of the following statements is true regarding 2D magnet ?
A.2D magnet can not alter the way of using magnetic material
B.It is made by the joint collaboration of University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
C.It is made of Chromium Chloride
D.It is just two atom thick
E.None of these

Q3.Which state has announced to provide free education for transgenders ?

Q4.US Navy vessels perform drill in which country ?

Q5.Which cricketer has scored fastest 8000 runs in one day International Cricket ?
A.AB De Villiers
B.MS Dhoni
C.Rohit Sharma
D.Virat Kohli
E.Shoaib Malik

Q6.Which country recently has passed an anti-terror law ?

Q7.Which of the following statements is/ are true about Silk Fibron?
A.It is a hybrid Material based on silk protein
B.An expert team of IIT Kharagpur has developed it
C.It is an useful electronic device for soldiers and defense personnel as well as for biomedical applications
D.It is flexible and stretchable
E.All of these

Q8.Which filmmaker has won the Dorothy Arzner Director's Award ?
A.Martin Scorsese
B.Mira Nair
C.Steven Spilberg
D.Stanby Kubrick
E.None of them

Q9.Which writer has won the Bhupen Hazarika National Award 2017 ?
A.Mamoni Raisom Goswami
B.Yeshe Dorjee Thongshi
C.Dr. Birendra Kr. Bhattacharya
D.Ritu Bah Barua
E.None of them

Q10.Which of the following statements is/are true about IDCF ?
A.It stands for Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight
B.It's main motto is to intensify efforts to reduce child deaths due to Diarrhea
C.The ministry will convince all stakeholders to prioritize investment in control Diarrhea
D.It wants to create mass awareness about effective and Cheap Diarrhea treatment
E.All of these

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