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Current Affairs GK Quiz - 8th and 9th June 2017

Current Affairs GK Quiz - 8th and 9th June 2017

Current Affairs GK Quiz - 8th and 9th June 2017

Q1. What is the rank of India in FDI inflow according the latest report released by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ?
A. 2nd 
B. 3rd 
C. 1st 
D. 7th 

Q2. Which Indian Institution has been ranked topped the lists in India according to QS World University Ranking ?
A. IISc Bangalore 
B. IIT Bombay 
C. IIM Ahmedabad 
D. IIT Delhi 

Q3. Who has lifted the ITF (International Tennis Federation) men’s Futures tennis title 2017 ?
A. Vishal Vempatti 
B. Sudarshan Chowdhary 
C. Ramkumar Ramanathan 
D. Anand Singh 

Q4. Which Indian Cricketer has been named in the top 100 of Forbes list of world’s highest paid athletes ?
A. M.S.Dhoni 
B. Virat Kohli 
C. Yuvraj Singh 
D. R.Ashwin 

Q5. In which Indian City 'The second National Health Editors' Conference being held ?
A. Ahmedabad 
B. New Delhi 
C. Mumbai 
D. Kolkata 

Q6. In which city the National Human Milk Bank was inaugurated by union Health Secretary ?
A. Mumbai 
B. Kolkata 
C. Kerala 
D. New Delhi 

Q7. In which City the First World Pest Day observed to increase awareness of pest borne diseases and safeguard public health through scientific and professional pest control methods ?
A. New Delhi, India 
B. Bejing, China 
C. New York, USA 
D. Moscow, Russia 

Q8. "Manchester United" has been named the world's most valuable club by Forbes List, In which field its belongs ?
A. Cricket 
B. Hockey 
C. Football 
D. Tennis 

Q9. What is the theme of the World Ocean Day which was observed every year on 8th June ?
A. Our Ocean, Our Water 
B. Our Water, Our Lives 
C. Our Oceans, Our Future 
D. Save water, Save life 

Q10. Which Bank has announced the biodegradable prepaid gift cards on the occasion of World Environment Day which was organised every year on 5th June ?
D. Axis Bank 

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