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Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz For IBPS And SBI Exams


Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz For IBPS And SBI Exams

Q1. Treasury bill is issued for minimum how many days ?
A. 14 days
B. 28 days
C. 91 days
D. 364 days

Q2. What is the full form of CORE in core banking solutions ?
A. Channel of Rupee Exchange
B. Customer Online Real-time Environment
C. Centralized Online Rupee Exchange
D. Centralized Online Real-time Environment

Q3. SDR the currency of IMF is in the form of ?
A. Paper currency
B. Gold
C. Silver and gold
D. Book keeping entry only

Q4. In India national income is estimated by ?
A. Planning Commission
B. Indian Statistical institute
C. Central Statistical Organization
D. National Sample Survey Organization

Q5. Narrow money is the term in monetary aggregates which is represented by ?
A. M2
B. M4
C. M1
D. M3

Q6. Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called ?
A. Flat currency
B. Soft currency
C. Token currency
D. Hot currency

Q7. Financial intermediaries include which of the following ?
A. Pension funds
B. Credit unions
C. Financial advisers or brokers
D. Collective investment scheme
E. All of these

Q8. RBI does not perform which of the following functions ?
A. Banker to the banks
B. Lender of the last resort
C. Lending money to exporters
D. It controls foreign exchange rate in India

Q9. In a deflationary trend, the pricing of the bank products are in ?
A. Decreasing trend
B. Increasing trend
C. Constant
D. No relevance

Q10. Which of the following is the central bank of the United States of America ?
A. Bank of America
B. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
C. Federal Reserve
D. None of these

Q11. Mrginal utility is equal to average utility at that time when average utility is ?
A. Increasing
B. Maximum
C. Falling
D. Minimum

Q12. What type of mutual fund invests in debt securities with very short maturity ?
A. Bond Fund
B. Equity Fund
C. Money Market Fund
D. All of these

Q13. In the finance we refer to the market for relatively long term financial instruments as the ?
A. Recovery
B. Capital
C. Primary
D. Secondary

Q14. Which of the following deals in export insurance ?
D. Axis bank

Q15. Expand 'FATF' ?
A. Foreign Action Task Force
B. Financial Assets Task Force
C. Financial Action Task Force
D. Foreign Assets Task Force

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