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Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 7

Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 7

Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 7

Dear Readers, 
In this section you can practice many important banking questions from the Banking and Financial Awareness MCQ/Quiz section of Achiever's Rule. As well as, you can read the Banking Articles and Daily Current Affairs Update to prepare yourself.

Q1.What is the main source of National Income of India ?
A. Agriculture
B. Industrial Sector
C. Trade Sector
D. Tourism Sector
E. Service Sector

Q2.CBS stands for which of the following ?
A.Core Banking Software
B.Core Banking System
C.Core Banking Solution
D.Core Banking Service
E.Core Banking Section

Q3.What do you mean by NNP of a country?
A.New National Product
B.Net New Product
C.National Net Product
D.Net National Product
E.None of these

Q4.What do mean by Mixed Economy ?
A.Co-Existence of Rich and Poor
B.Co-Existence of Public and Private Sectors
C.Co-Existence of agricultural and industrial Sectors
D.Co-Existence of Small and Large Industries
E.None of these

Q5.What do you mean by Net National Product of a country ?
A. GDP minus depreciation allowances
B. GNP plus depreciation allowances
C. GNP minus depreciation allowances
D. GDP plus depreciation allowances
E. GDP minus Net Income from Abroad

Q6.MAT stands for which of the following ?
A.Maximum Alternate Tax
B.Maximum Alternate Time
C.Maximum Alternate Time
D.Minimum Alternate Tax
E.None of these

Q7.What is Green Index ?
A.It is the total export of a nation
B.It is the nation's wealth according to GNP per Capita
C.It is the nation's wealth according to the provisions of control on Green House Gases
D.It is the nation's wealth according to GDP per Capita
E.It is the total wealth from the forest area

Q8.NDTL stands for which of the following ?
A.Net Demand & Time Liabilities
B.Net Demand & Tax Liabilities
C.New Demand & Tenure Liabilities
D.National Deposits & Total Liabilities
E.None of these

Q9.Which is not an Apex Institution ?
C.State Co-operative Bank
E.None of these

Q10.NAV stands for which of the following ?
A.Net Average Value
B.Net Actual Value
C.Net Asset Value
D.Net Access Value
E.National Asset Value

Q11.Commercial Papers is issued by whom?
A.Bank to Bank
B.Bank to Company
C.Company to Bank
D.Supplier to Company
E.Company to Supplier

Q12.Who has coined the term 'Gross National Happiness' ?
B.World Bank
C.Amartya Sen
D.King of Bhutan
E.Europian Union

Q13.Credit History of the Borrower is provided by which Organization ?

Q14.In Gross National Product, which of the following contributes the highest ?
A.Primary Sector
B.Secondary Sector
C.Tertiary Sector
D.Private Sector
E.Public Sector

Q15.Which of the following regulates the Mutual Fund ?
E.None of these

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