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Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 6

Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 6

Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 6

Dear Readers, 
Achiever's Rule is giving you the opportunity to solve the Banking and Financial Quiz/ MCQ practice sets for Upcoming Banking Exams. You must go through the Banking Articles to be updated.
Q1.General Insurance does not provide protection in which of the following ?
A.Cattle Insurance
B.Medical Insurance
C.Crop Insurance
D.Fire Insurance
E.None of these

Q2.What do you mean by Minimum Cash Reserve ?
A.It is a percentage of Capital in Bank
B.It is a percentage of reserves in Bank
C.It is a percentage of aggregate deposits of the bank
D.It is A percentage of aggregate loans and advances of the bank
E.None of these

Q3.Which of the following is a Demat Account ?
A.Accounts which facilitate repayment of a loan taken from that bank.
B.Accounts which can be operated through the internet banking facility
C.Zero balane accounts
D.Accounts in which various companies' shares are traded in electronic form
E.None of these

Q4.Currency notes those are deposited in the currency chest are the property of which of the following ?
B.Respective Bank
D.Respective Bank
E.None of these

Q5.What is mortgage ?
A. Security on the immovable property for a loan
B. Security on the movable property for a loan
C. Concession on the immovable property
D. Facility on the immovable property
E. None of these

Q6.Which term is known as a fixed deposit receipt that is kept with the bank for its safety ?
A.Safe deposit
B.Valid Safe deposit
C.Safe custody
E.None of these

Q7.Which of the following is the primary regulator of Banking business? ?
A.State Government
B.Central Government
E.None of these

Q8.A bank can refuse open an account on behalf of which of the following ?
A.Artificial Persons
B.Arrested Person
C.Convicted Person
D.Undesirable Person
E.None of them

Q9.What is the purpose of reporting by the banks about suspicious transactions to the anti money laundering committee?
A.To combat finance of terrorism
B.To check the inflow of crime money
C.To check inflow of the money earned out of sale of narcotics
D.To check the hawala transactions
E.All of the above

Q10.If a non - banking financial company wants to collect public deposits it is governed by which Act ?
A.Banking companies Act
B.RBI Act 1934
C.Central Government
D.Companies Act 1956
E.None of these

Q11.Which of the following statements is/are true about inbsolvency ?
A.It can cause bankruptcy
B.A company is declared as insolvent when they are unable to pay their debits back on time
C.A person, who is insolvent, can take certain steps towards a resolution
D.It is a financial fall
E.All of these

Q12.What is Lead Bank ?
A.It offer loan to the leading banking institutions
B.It is a bank which coordinates the banking institutions in the district
C.It can't set up branches
D.It was implemented in 1975
E.None of these

Q13.What is DCP ?
A.Demonetization Control Plan
B.Debit Credit Plan
C.Department Credit Plan
D.District Credit Plan
E.None of these

Q14.The head-office of Indian Overseas Bank is situated in which city ?
C.New Delhi

Q15.What is FDI ?
A.Frozen Direct Investment
B.Foreign Direct Investment
C.Functional Direct Investment
D.Functional Debit Investment
E.None of these

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