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Word List For All Competitive Exams 2017


Word List For All Competitive Exams 2017 


  • Meaning in Hindi -  अभिनव,  अभिभव,  अवरोध,  कृत्रिमता,  जबरदस्ती,  दबाव 
  • Meaning in English - something that controls what you do by keeping you within particular limits:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The constraints of politeness wouldn't allow her to say what she really thought about his cooking.
  • Synonyms - compulsion, restraint tension


  • Meaning in Hindi - अधीन,  आज्ञाधीन,  दब्बू,  नम्र,  नेक,  वश्य,  विनयी
  • Meaning in English - quiet and easy to influence, persuade, or control:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The once docile population has finally risen up against the ruthless regime.
  • Synonyms willing to obey, teachable
  • Antonyms - disobey


  • Meaning in Hindi -  क्षीण,  दुर्बल,  निर्बल,  कृशकाय
  • Meaning in English - very thin and weak, usually because of illness or extreme hunger:
  • Meaningful Sentence - There were pictures of emaciated children on the cover of the magazine.
  • Synonyms - lean, wasted, thin, lanky
  • Antonyms - powerful


  • Meaning in Hindi -  यथार्थ,  उचित,  ठीक,  निष्पक्ष,  न्यायसंगत,  न्यायोचित
  • Meaning in English - treating everyone fairly and in the same way:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The equitable jurisdiction of the court appears to have been established.
  • Synonyms - unblased, impartial, fair, just
  • Antonyms - partial


  • Meaning in Hindi -  चाकर,  टहलुआ,  नौकर,  सेवक
  • Meaning in English - a domestic servant
  • Meaningful Sentence - The former is exemplified in the labour of the manufacturing workman, the latter in that of the menial servant.
  • Synonyms - servile, mean, low, servants
  • Antonyms - land lord


  • Meaning in Hindi -  छलना,  ठगना,  बहकाना,  भुलाना,  धोखा देना,  मोहित करना
  • Meaning in English - to make someone believe something that is not true:
  • Meaningful Sentence - He's deluding himself if he thinks he's going to be promoted this year.
  • Synonyms - deceive, mislead, impose upon


  • Meaning in Hindi -  परितृप्त,  परिपूर्ण,  पूरा,  भरपूर,  भरा हुआ
  • Meaning in English - full, especially with food:
  • Meaningful Sentence - After two helpings of dessert, Sergio was at last replete.
  • Synonyms - filled, wellstorked, complete
  • Antonyms - empty


  • Meaning in Hindi -  बलवा,  राजद्रोह,  विद्रोह,  विप्लव,  संक्षोभ
  • Meaning in English - language or behaviour that is intended to persuade other people to oppose their government
  • Meaningful Sentence - The rebels were arrested for sedition when they protested outside of the dictator’s palace.
  • Synonyms - revolt, mutiny, agitation
  • Antonyms - untanimous


  • Meaning in Hindi -  हठी,  सख़्त, सख़्त,  दृढ़ पकड़नेवाला,  सख़्त पकड़नेवाला,  अटल,  आग्रही
  • Meaning in English - holding tightly onto something, or keeping an opinion in a determined way:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The baby took my finger in its tenacious little fist.
  • Synonyms - iron-will, retnetive, adhesive
  • Antonyms - flexible


  • Meaning in Hindi - अनैतिक,  बेईमान
  • Meaning in English - not conforming to approved standards of social or professional behavior
  • Meaningful Sentence - I do not believe that unethical behavior can unknowingly occur if a leader has proper values and intentions.
  • Synonyms - immoral, wicked, dishonour
  • Antonyms - honourable
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