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Vocabulary For Competitive Exams 2017


Vocabulary For Competitive Exams 2017 

  • Meaning in Hindi -  अवशोषी,  अवशोषक पदार्थ
  • Meaning in English - the ability to absorb liquid
  • Meaningful Sentence - Sterilized cotton is much used by doctors as an absorbent absorbing
  • Synonyms - drier, sucker, drainer
  • Antonyms - wetness

  • Meaning in Hindi -  अवचूषी,  अवशोषक,  दिलचस्प,  शोषक
  • Meaning in English - Something that is absorbing is very interesting and keeps your attention
  • Meaningful Sentence - I read her last novel and found it very absorbing.
  • Synonyms - arresting, captivating, exciting, riverting, gripping
  • Antonyms - boring, repulsive, uninteresting, irksome

  • Meaning in Hindi -  रसातल,  वितल,  नर्क,  अगाध गर्त्त,  अतल समुद्र,  गहरा कुंड,  नरक कुंड
  • Meaning in English - a very deep hole that seems to have no bottom
  • Meaningful Sentence - If your young guide had made one false step, we would have plunged into the abyss. 
  • Synonyms - chasm, void, depth, hole, gulf, pit, abysm

  • Meaning in Hindi - शान्त करना,  हलका करना,  शांत करना,  कम कर देना,  निराकरणकरना,  घटाना
  • Meaning in English - If you allay a strong emotion felt by someone, such as fear or worry, you cause them to feel it less or to feel calm again:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The government is trying to allay public fears/concern about the spread of the disease.
  • Synonyms - quiet, moderate, calm, lessen, abate, pacify
  • Antonyms - aggravate, agitate, incite, increase, intensify, irritate, upset, worry

  • Meaning in Hindi - नाम रहित,  अज्ञातकृत,  अस्पष्ट,  गुमनाम,  नामरहित,  बेनाम
  • Meaning in English -  made or done by someone whose name is not known or not made public:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The money was donated by an anonymous benefactor.
  • Synonyms - nameless, incognito, unsigned, unnamed, undisclosed
  • Antonyms - known, named, identified

  • Meaning in Hindi -  देना,  मानना,  छोड़ देना,  छूट देना,  मान लेना,  स्वीकार करना,  प्रदान करना,  झुक जाना,  हार मानना
  • Meaning in English -  to admit, often unwillingly, that something is true:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The government has conceded (that) the new tax policy has been a disaster.
  • Synonyms - grant, give up, confress, cede, accept, admit, allow
  • Antonyms - defend, deny, disallow, disapprove, dispute, fight, hold, keep

  • Meaning in Hindi -  काटना,  घटाना,  छांटना,  कम करना,  छोटा करना,  संक्षिप्त करना
  • Meaning in English - to stop something before it is finished, or to reduce or limit something:
  • Meaningful Sentence - With all the snow, our daily walks have been severely curtailed.
  • Synonyms - cut back, decrease, diminish, halt, cut, cramp, dock, lop
  • Antonyms - develop, enlarge, expand, extend, grow, increase, lengthen, raise

  • Meaning in Hindi - डराना,  धमकाना,  धौंसना,  भयभीत करना,  वश में करना,  निरुत्साह करना
  • Meaning in English - to make someone feel slightly frightened or worried about their ability to achieve something:
  • Meaningful Sentence - She was not at all daunted by the size of the problem.
  • Synonyms - horrify, scare, terrify, baffle, appall
  • Antonyms - assist, calm, comfort, delight, encourage, hearten

  • Meaning in Hindi -  देख लेना,  पता लगा लेना,  गौर करके समझ लेना,  जानना,  ताकना,  देखना,  पहचानना
  • Meaning in English - to see or notice something or someone:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Miss Bates, passing near the window, descried Mr Knightley on horseback not far off.
  • Synonyms - behold,detect,determine, discern, disclose, espy, note, observe
  • Antonyms - be blind, conceal, hide, ignore, miss, neglect, overlook

  • Meaning in Hindi - महाकाव्य,  काव्य जिस में वीरों का वर्णन हो
  • Meaning in English - a film, poem, or book that is long and contains a lot of action, usually dealing with a historical subject:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The story of king Arthur and his knights is a famous epic.
  • Synonyms - rhyme, verse, poem, sage
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