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Shortcut Tricks To Solve Time And Distance - 2

Shortcut Tricks To Solve Time And Distance - 2
Shortcut Tricks To Solve Time And Distance - 2

Here we will start a series of Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tips & Tricks for your upcoming SBI - IBPS - SSC and Other Government Competitive Exams. We will try to cover up all topics of the quantitative Aptitude Sections from which question was generally asked. In the mean time we will share the most valuable tips which is necessary to learn for every exams. These ideas & tricks will not only reduce your time to solve but also to get the actual answer with in a minutes. Gradually we will provide all the Tips. Keep visiting & Keep sharing.

Note: The page may takes sometime to load the Quantitative formula's. If you face any problem just comment below the posts.
Time & Distance Shortcut Tricks
Questions for Practice

Q1. A man covers one-third of his journey at 15 km/hr and the remaining journey at 30 km/hr. If the total journey is of 175 km, what is his average speed for the whole journey ?

Q2. The ratio between the speed of Nilisha and Sunny is 6 : 7. If Nilisha takes 30 minutes  more than Sunny to cover a distance, then find the actual time taken by Nilisha and Sunny.

Q3. A car travels a distance of 840 km at uniform speed. If the speed of the car is 10 km/hr less, it takes 2 hours more to cover the same distance, then original speed of the car is...  

Q4. A car travels a distance of 170 km in 2 hours partly at a speed of 100 km/hr and partly at 50 km/hr. Find  the distance travelled at a speed of 100 km/hr.

Q5. A man leaves a point P and reaches Q in 4 hours. Another man B leaves the point Q, 2 hours later and reaches the point P in 4 hours, Find the time in which man meets to the second man.

Q6. A man rode out a certain distance by train at the rate of 25 km an hour and walked back at the rate of 4 km/hr.The whole journey took 5 hours and 48 minutes. What distance did he ride ? 

Answers Key

Answer 1. 22.5 Km/hr.
Answer 2. 3 hours
Answer 3. 70 km/hr
Answer 4. 140 km
Answer 5. 3 hrs
Answer 6. 20 km
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