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Green Urban Mobility Scheme - All You Need to Know

Green Urban Mobility Scheme to Promote Green Transport System - All You Need to Know for SBI PO, NIACL ASSISTANT, NICL AO, BANK OF BARODA PO, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK

GREEN URBAN MOBILITY SCHEME to Promote Green Transport System

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Government of India launched a new scheme named “Green Urban Mobility Scheme” for transportation in 103 cities that would promote use of hybrid/electric vehicles and non-fossil fuels among others for public transport on 16th March, 2017. This scheme was inaugurated by Minister of Urban Development Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu. This scheme is one of its kind to be introduced by the government soon which would develop the use of non-motorized transport like footpaths and cycle
tracks, hybrid/electric vehicles and non-fossil fuels among others for public transport. Actually the government is formulating a scheme to make the cities green and more eco-friendly, that why government launched this scheme. 
As the rise of motorists and other vehicles in the urban cities of the nation, it’s been a red alarm situation for the government to implement the process to divert the people towards the non-motorized transportation like cycling, footpath, or by any other mode by which lesser pollution will be emitted. 

  • To promote the use of green public transports. 
  • To cheer up growth of urban transport along low Carbon path for provide a permanent and sustainable framework for funding urban mobility projects at National, substantial and measurable reduction in pollution, State and City level with minimum recourse to budgetary support by encouraging innovative financing of projects. 
Key Features: 
  • At first, to implement in 103 cities having more than 5lakh population and the scheme will be implemented in seven years mission mode. 
  • The proposed scheme would involve setting up of footpaths, cycle tracks, public bike sharing, bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, intelligent transport system, non-fossil fuels for public transport and urban freight management and innovating financing for transport systems and progressively shift to usages of hybrid/electric. 
  • As initiatives toward the eco-system, the government is to encourage the non-motorized transportation in the urban cities with the intention of reducing carbon emission from the motorized transportation. 
  • As per the data released by the minister, this eco-friendly system will play a vital role on converting public mode of transportations other than the metro rail systems in those selected urban cities of the nation. 
  • Around Rs.70, 000 crores would be required to implement the scheme. 
  • This scheme is proposed that 10% will be contributed by urban local bodies, 30% amount would be given by the Centre and states government. And the remaining 60% amount would be raised as loan from multi-lateral agencies. 
  • Under this scheme, new implantation under consideration include this scheme, edition of Metro Acts and Standardisation and Indigenisation of Metro systems, new Metro Rail Policy aimed at increased private sector participation. 
  • Under this scheme, new policy initiatives to cheer up private investments in weather friendly and sustainable public transport method like Metro rail, Non-motorised Transport and other low carbon emitting systems in urban areas. 
  • The participants of the private firms will play a vital role on successful implementation of this eco-friendly mode of transportation. 
Indicative Components in this scheme: 
  1. Sustainable Urban Mobility 
  2. Sustainable Vehicles and Fuels 
  3. Any other project demonstration reduction in GHG emissions. 
Proposed Reforms: 
  • Setting up of and operationalizing UMTA. 
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Mobility Plans and integration of the same with Master Plan of the city/town. 
  • Adoption of Travel Demand Management measures (Parking policy, congestion pricing etc.) 
  • Adoption and implementation of Transit Oriented development. 
  • Adoption and implementation of an Encroachment policy aimed at ensuring availability of full right of way. 
  • Adoption and implementation of policy for Urban Street Vendors.
Overall Information:

Sl. No.
Information Data
Name of the scheme “Green Urban Mobility Scheme”
Lunched By Government of India
Lunched On 16th March, 2017
Inaugurated By Minister of Urban Development Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu
Aim of this scheme To promote the use of green public transports
Budget Cost Rs.70, 000 crore
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