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Daily Word List For SBI And IBPS PO - 24


Daily Vocabulary for upcoming Banking Exams

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We Achiever's Rule team going to start daily word list for upcoming banking exams. Vocabulary plays a vital role to boost up your score in your upcoming exams. Here we will provide you a lists of daily vocab based on "The Hindu" and "Time of India".

Meaning in Hindi -  विपुल,  विस्तृत,  शब्दबहुल,  फैला हुआ,  छितरा हुआ,  बिखरा हुआ
Meaning in English - spread out and not directed in one place:
Meaningful Sentence - The company has become large and diffuse.
Synonyms - broadcast, circulated, diluted, dispersed, disseminated, distributed, expanded, extended
Antonyms - concentrated, condensed, abbreviated, abridged, brief, compact, compressed, confined

Meaning in Hindi -  नियत किया हुआ,  ईश्वरीय,  नियत,  निर्धारित,  पूर्वनिर्दिष्ट
Meaning in English - intended (for a particular purpose)
Meaningful Sentence - These cars are destined for the European market.
Synonyms - coming, designed, doomed, intended, brewing
Antonyms - distant, remote, unsettled, avoidable

Meaning in Hindi -  असाधारण,  उच्च,  उत्कृष्ट,  उत्साहपूर्ण,  उन्नत,  ऊंचा,  गौरवान्वित,  महान
Meaning in English - raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station
Meaningful Sentence - That man has an exalted opinion of his own importance.
Synonyms - elevated, illustrious, inflated, lofty, sublime, dignified, exaggerated, honored
Antonyms - lowly, subordinate, unimportant, condemned, criticized, debased

Meaning in Hindi -  आयाम,  प्रचार,  प्रसार,  प्रसारण,  फैलाव,  विकासन,  विस्तार
Meaning in English -   to increase in size, number, or importance, or to make something increase in this way
Meaningful Sentence - The air in the balloon expands when heated.
Synonyms - development, enlargement, extension, increase, inflation, spread, amplification
Antonyms - abridgment, compression, decrease, reduction, shrinkage, lessening

Meaning in Hindi - आसान,  सरल,  सुकर,  सुसाध्य,  आगे बढ़ाना
Meaning in English - to make something possible or easier:
Meaningful Sentence - The new ramp will facilitate the entry of wheelchairs.
Synonyms - aid, ease, expedite, further, help
Antonyms - stop, hurt, injure, halt, hinder, check

Meaning in Hindi -  बिगड़ना,  अपभ्रष्ट होना,  भ्रष्ट होना,  विकृत होना,
Meaning in English - to become worse in quality:
Meaningful Sentence - Educational standards are degenerating year by year because of a lack of funds.
Synonyms - base, debased, debauched, decadent, decayed
Antonyms - kind, nice, pure, noble, good

Meaning in Hindi -  कापीराइट,  मुद्राधिकार,  सर्वाधिकार,  छपने का अधिकार,  प्रतिलिप्यधिकार द्वारा सुरक्षित
Meaning in English - the legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film, photograph, or piece of music
Meaningful Sentence - His work is no longer protected by copyright.
Synonyms - writting, authority, patent
Antonyms - NA

Meaning in Hindi -  जकड़ाव,  दबाव,  मरोड़ा,  शब्दसंकोच,  संकुचन,  संक्षेप,  संक्षेपण
Meaning in English - the fact of something becoming smaller or shorter:
Meaningful Sentence - Cold causes contraction of the metal.
Synonyms - decrease, deflation, recession, reduction, shrinkage
Antonyms - enlargement, increase, expansion, opening, amplification, dilation

Meaning in Hindi - बहुत भारी,  चमत्कारपूर्ण,  पर्वताकार,  बृहत्,  विराट,  विशाल,  प्रकांड
Meaning in English - extremely large
Meaningful Sentence - They were asking a colossal amount of money for the house.
Synonyms - enormous, gargantuan, gigantic, huge, immense
Antonyms - little, miniature, miniscule, minute, small, teeny, tiny

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