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Daily Vocabulary for upcoming Banking Exams - 26


Daily Vocabulary for upcoming Banking Exams

Effective For All Competitive Exams

  • Meaning in Hindi -  चौकसी ,  जागरण,  निगरानी,  मुस्तैदी, ,  सतकर्ता,  सतर्कता
  • Meaning in English - the process of paying close and continuous attention
  • Meaningful Sentence - In spite of the farmer's increased vigilance the foxes continued to steal his chickens.
  • Synonyms - alertness, caution, diligence, surveillance, acuity, attention
  • Antonyms - indifference, neglect, carelessness, impulsiveness, indiscretion, negligence   
  • Meaning in Hindi -   खदेड़ना,  निकालना,  फेंकना,  निकाल देना,  बाहर करना
  • Meaning in English - to force someone to leave a school, organization, or country
  • Meaningful Sentence - The new government has expelled all foreign diplomats
  • Synonyms - erupt, pass, irrupt, belch, remove
  • Antonyms - absorb, admit, allow, permit, take in, welcome
  • Meaning in Hindi - साँवला,  काले रंग का,  धूप में झुलसा हुआ
  • Meaning in English - (of a person or their skin) dark
  • Meaningful Sentence - Even so the gods of the Ethiopians are swarthy and flat-nosed, the gods of the Thracians are fair-haired and blue eyed.
  • Synonyms - tan, dark, black, brown, swart
  • Antonyms - blonde, fair, light, pale
  • Meaning in Hindi -  मंद,  प्रवाहहीन,  गंदा,  गतिहीन,  निश्चल,  निष्क्रिय
  • Meaning in English - (of water or air) not flowing or moving, and smelling unpleasant
  • Meaningful Sentence - She walked down the alley, nose wrinkling at the scents of trash and stagnant water.
  • Synonyms - dormant, idle, inactive,lifeless, listless, sluggish, 
  • Antonyms - active, alert, busy, energetic, lively, mobile
  • Meaning in Hindi -  उड़ाना,  छितरना,  छितराना,  हटाना,  दूर करना,  नाश करना
  • Meaning in English - to remove fears, doubts, and false ideas, usually by proving them wrong or unnecessary
  • Meaningful Sentence - I'd like to start the speech by dispelling a few rumours that have been spreading recently.
  • Synonyms - rout, repel, cancel, allay, scatter
  • Antonyms - accept, collect, gather, keep, welcome, allow, hold
  • Meaning in Hindi -  लोटना,  फिर जाना,  फिर होना,  आवर्ग दशमलवना,  फिर आना
  • Meaning in English - to happen many times or to happen again:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The theme of freedom recurs throughout her writing.
  • Synonyms - persist, reappear, iterate, recrudesce, reiterate, repeat, return, revert
  • Antonyms - halt, stop
  • Meaning in Hindi -  खंगर,  निर्जल,  नीरस,  बंजर,  शुष्क,  सूखा
  • Meaning in English -  very dry and without enough rain for plants:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The desert is so arid that nothing can grow there.
  • Synonyms - barren, bone-dry, desert, dusty, parched, dry as a bone
  • Antonyms - fertile, productive, damp, humid, interested, lively, moist, spirited, wet
  • Meaning in Hindi -  अवलंब,  आश्रय,  उपाय,  पलटा,  शरण
  • Meaning in English - using something or someone as a way of getting help, especially in a difficult or dangerous situation:
  • Meaningful Sentence - It is hoped that the dispute will be settled without recourse to litigation.
  • Synonyms - aid, refuge, shift, stopgap, help
  • Antonyms - blockage, hindrance, injury, obstruction, permanent, stop
  • Meaning in Hindi - भरपूर,  भरा,  भारयुक्त,  व्याकुल,  भरा हुआ,  लदा हुआ
  • Meaning in English - full of unpleasant things such as problems or dangers
  • Meaningful Sentence - From beginning to end, the airlift was fraught with risks.
  • Synonyms - charged, filled, replete, abounding, attended, bristling, heavy, laden
  • Antonyms - empty
  • Meaning in Hindi -  निकट का,  अभी होने वाला,  सिर पर,  समुपस्थित,  सन्निकटता
  • Meaning in English -  coming or likely to happen very soon
  • Meaningful Sentence - He warned that an enemy missile attack was imminent.
  • Synonyms - forthcoming, immediate, impending, inevitable, likelylooming
  • Antonyms - avoidable, distant, escapable, later, never, unlikely

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