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  • Meaning in Hindi -  बजाना,  मृत्यु के समय घंटा बजाना या बजना,  घंटा बजा कर मृत्यु की सूचना देना
  • Meaning in English - make (bells) ring, often for the purposes of musical edification
  • Meaningful Sentence - My uncle rings every Sunday at the local church
  • Synonyms - bell, ring, signal, sound, summon
  • Meaning in Hindi -  टीला,  टेकरी,  पहाड़ी,  घंटा बजाना,  घण्टे का शब्द
  • Meaning in English - a small low hill with a rounded top
  • Meaningful Sentence - The charming inn was set on a knoll in the country.
  • Synonyms - bluff, cliff, dune, hilltop, promontory
  • Antonyms - decline, depression

  • Meaning in Hindi -  अनिच्छुक,  अप्रसन्न,  विमुख
  • Meaning in English -  to be unwilling to do something:
  • Meaningful Sentence - I'm loath to spend it all at once.
  • Synonyms - afraid, hesitant, reluctant, unwilling, counter, disinclined
  • Antonyms - eager, ready, willing, approving, for
  • Meaning in Hindi -  नफरत करना,  से घृणा करना,  घृणा करना,  नापसन्द करना,  अनिच्छा प्रकट करना
  • Meaning in English -  to hate someone or something
  • Meaningful Sentence - From an early age the brothers have loathed each other.
  • Synonyms - abhor, despise, detest, hate, abominate, decline, execrate, refuse, reject
  • Antonyms - admire, adore, cherish, like, love, accept, allow

  • Meaning in Hindi -  बिगाड़ना,  दूषित करना,  न करना,  हानि करना,  हानि पहुंचाना
  • Meaning in English - to spoil something, making it less good or less enjoyable
  • Meaningful Sentence - Sadly, the text is marred by careless errors.
  • Synonyms - blight, bruise, harm, impair, ruin, scar, spoil, stain, sully
  • Antonyms - aid, assist, build, clean, create, fix, grow
  • Meaning in Hindi -  धुंधला,  फीका,  समझने में कठिन,  अंधेरा,  अज्ञात,  अधूरा
  • Meaning in English - not known to many people
  • Meaningful Sentence - The obscure writer was not known in the literary community.
  • Synonyms - ambiguous, arcane, complicated, confusing, cryptic, enigmatic
  • Antonyms - clear, common, definite, known, obvious, plain, public

  • Meaning in Hindi -  हक़ीक़ी,  असर डालनेवाला,  प्रभाव डालनेवाला,  अप्रत्यक्ष,  असली,  आभासी,  गुणकारी
  • Meaning in English -  almost a particular thing or quality
  • Meaningful Sentence - Ten years of incompetent government had brought about the virtual collapse of the country's economy.
  • Synonyms - basic, constructive, essential. fundamental, implicit, implied
  • Antonyms - actual, authentic, real
  • Meaning in Hindi -  कपटलज्जालु,  चतुर,  चौकस,  दुनियादार,  दूरदर्शी,  नीतिज्ञ
  • Meaning in English - careful and avoiding risks
  • Meaningful Sentence -  It's always prudent to read a contract carefully before signing it.
  • Synonyms - careful, cautious, discreet, economical, fruga
  • Antonyms - careless, expensive, foolish, hasty, inattentive
  • Meaning in Hindi -  उठाना,  लगाना,  खपाना,  समाप्त होना,  उपभोग करना,  खर्च करना
  • Meaning in English - to use or spend time, effort, or money
  • Meaningful Sentence - You expend so much effort for so little return
  • Synonyms - ante up. consume, disburse, dispense, dissipate, put out, use up, blow,
  • Antonyms - aaccumulate, collect. gather, hoard, save, hold
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