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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Daily Vocabulary For Competitive Exams - 28


Daily Vocabulary For Competitive Exams

  • Meaning in Hindi -  आकर्षक,  मनोहर
  • Meaning In English - very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive.
  • Meaningful Sentence - Downtown darling Vena Cava showed off a structured collection, full of modern lines and alluring glimpses of skin.
  • Synonyms - allure, entice, appealing
  • Antonyms - unattrctive
  • Meaning in Hindi -  उचित,  उद्यत,  उपयुक्त,  ठीक,  तत्पर,  प्रवृत्त
  • Meaning In English - suitable or right for a particular situation
  • Meaningful Sentence - The apt student was on his way to claiming honor roll status.
  • Synonyms - suitable, fitting, appropriate
  • Antonyms -irrelevant
  • Meaning in Hindi -  पता लगाना,  सुनिश्चित करना,  जान लेना,  जाँच कर पता लगाना,  पता पा लेना
  • Meaning In English - to discover something
  • Meaningful Sentence - The police have so far been unable to ascertain the cause of the explosion.
  • Synonyms - discry, determine, discover
  • Antonyms - conceal
  • Meaning in Hindi - आनन्दातिरेक,  उत्साह,  उल्लास,  परमानंद
  • Meaning In English - a state of extreme happiness, especially when feeling pleasure:
  • Meaningful Sentence - She threw her head back as if in ecstasy
  • Synonyms - mirth, joy, plesure, bliss
  • Antonyms - worry
  • Meaning in Hindi -  सन,  सम्वत,  अनुयुग,  कल्प,  काल,  युग
  • Meaning In English - a period of time of which particular events or stages of development are typical:
  • Meaningful Sentence - They had worked for peace during the long era of conflict.
  • Synonyms - age, period, time, phase
  • Meaning in Hindi -  सर्वत्र,  सब कही,  सब दिशाओ मे,  हर जगह,  सभी के द्वारा
  • Meaning In English -  existing everywhere or involving everyone:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The new reforms have not met with universal approval within the party.
  • Synonyms - commonly, unanimously
  • Antonyms - scarcely
  • Meaning in Hindi -  दुबला-पतला,  मरियल,  खड़बड़ा,  जंगली,  दुबला
  • Meaning In English - looking ill or tired, often with dark skin under the eyes:
  • Meaningful Sentence - He'd been drinking the night before and was looking a bit haggard.
  • Synonyms - gaunt, worn, fatigued, faded
  • Antonyms - healthy
  • Meaning in Hindi -  विध्वंस,  विनाश,  तहस नहस,  उजाड़, तबाही,  नष्टता
  • Meaning In English - confusion and lack of order, especially causing damage or trouble:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The fox created havoc is the chicken-house. 
  • Synonyms - destruction, chaos, mayhem
  • Antonyms - animate

  • Meaning in Hindi -  आदर,  पूजा,  भक्ति,  श्रद्धा,  संमान,  सत्कार
  • Meaning In English - deep respect and often praise shown for a person or god:
  • Meaningful Sentence - On this occasion we pay homage to him for his achievements.
  • Synonyms - awe, duty, honor, tribute
  • Antonyms - disloyalty, disregard, censure, condemnation

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