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Daily Gk Quiz For Upcoming SSC CGL Exams - 36


Daily Gk Quiz For Upcoming SSC Exams 

General Knowledge for all competitive examinations

Q1. The meiosis cell division can be best studied in ?
A. young stem
B. root tip
C. young leaf
D. young anther

Q2. The phase of cell cycle during which DNA polymerase is functionally active is ?
A. ${{G}_{1}}$ phase
B. M phase
C. S phase
D. ${{G}_{2}}$ phase

Q3. Which one among the following is the rarest type of WBC in the human blood ?
A. Basophil
B. Neutrophil
C. Eosinophil
D. Monocyte

Q4. Who coined the term nucleolus ?
A. Fontana
B. Robert Brown
C. Camillo Golgi
D. Strasburger

Q5. The placoid scales are found only in ?
A. Osteichthyes
B. Elasmobranchii
C. Bony fishes
D. Lung fishes

Q6. Iimas, a species of camel family are found in ?
A. Africa
B. Australia
C. South America
D. North America

Q7. The phenomenon of poly embryony was first observed in ?
A. Manginifera
B. Cucurbita
C. Citrus
D. Euphorbia

Q8. Which of the following animal is used to prepare the vaccine against mycobacterium leprae ?
A. Horse
B. Armadillo
C. Rabbit
D. Guinea pig

Q9. The Erythroblastosis foetalis which one of these move from mother to embryo through the placenta ?
A. Rh-antigen
B. Rh-antibody
C. AB-antigens
D. ABO-antigens

Q10. The secretory product pectin of cell wall is chemically a ?
A. Protein
B. Carbohydrate
C. Lipid
D. Nucleic acid

Q11. The bacteria were discovered by which of the following person ?
A. H Urey
B. EH Haeckel
C. AV Leeuwenhock
D. Ivnowski

Q12. The beverage coconut milk of green coconut is the ?
A.Liquid nucellus
B. Liquid of female gametophyte
C. Liquid chalaza
D. Liquid endosperm

Q13. Which of the following plant has exhibited viviparity phenomenon ?
A. Manginifera
B. Rhizophora
C. Betula
D. Psidium

Q14. Which among the following hormones is known as the emergency hormone ?
A. Thyroxine
B. Oxytocin
C. Vasopressin
D. Adrenalim

Q15. The root system of plants grows out from the ?
A. radicle of the embryo
B. embryos of the seeds
C. plumule o the embryo
D. none of the above

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