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Daily GK Quiz For Upcoming SSC CGL Exams - 35

For all competitive exams, SSC CGL Exams, SSC Exams, Banking Exams, Static GK

Static GK Quiz/ General Awareness Quiz

Effective For All Government Competitive Exams

Q1.In which one of the following countries Spanish is not an official language ?

A. Chile
B. Colombia
C. Republic of Congo
D. Cuba

Q2.Dry point settlements are common in ?

A. Deserts
B. Plateaus
C. Mountain regions
D. Deltas

Q3. Which one among the following statements regarding India's coal is not correct?

A. 98 per cent of reserves of coal in India belongs to Gondwana period
B. Unknown amount of coal lies buried under the Ganga alluvium and the Deccan Trap
C. Bituminous coal is found in both lower Gondwana rocks and in Tertiary rocks
D. Gondwana coal is mainly found in the river valleys of Damodar, Mahanadi and Godavari

Q4.The Government Bill means a bill introduced by a ?

A. Member of the Treasury bench in the Lok Sabha
B. Member of the Parliament who is not a Minister
C. Minister in the Lok Sabha
D. Minister in any House of the Parliament

Q5.The Zonal Councils which aim at ensuring co-operation amongst various States are ?

A. created by the States Reorganisation Act 1956
B. provided in the Constitution
C. created by the Forty-Second Amendment during the Emergency
D. None of the above

Q6.Who among the following is responsible for the final compilation of the accounts of the Union Government ?

A. Finance Minister
B. Secretary (Finance)
C. Constroller General of Accounts
D. Comptroller and Auditor General

Q7.The World Conference on Human Rights that affirmed the universality of rights and launched an ambitious plan of action was held in ?

A. Vienna (1993)
B. Geneva (1996)
C. New York (2000)
D. Berlin (2002)

Q8.Holding a 'Bandh' was declared illeged for the first time in India by which one of the following High Courts ?

A. Rajasthan High Court
B. Gujarat High Court
C. Kerala High Court
D. Maharashtra High Court

Q9.Which committee was set up to review the concept of the poverty line ?

A. Dutt Committee
B. Wanchoo Committee
C. Chakarvarthy Committee
D. None of the above

Q10.Which one of the following is the weakest force ?

A. Gravitational force
B. Electromagnetic force
C. Nuclear force
D. Electrostatic force

Q11.Half portion of a rectangular piece of ice is wrapped with a white piece of cloth while the other half with black one. In this context, which one of the following statements is correct ?

A. Ice melts more easily under white cloth
B. Ice melts more easily under black cloth
C. No ice melts at all under the white cloth 
D. No ice melts at all under the black cloth

Q12.Which one among the following saits causes hardness to the water ?

A. Calcium bicarbonate
B. Calcium carbonate
C. Sodium sulphate
D. Potassium chloride

Q13.The largest amount of physical and chemical molecules present in the cells is ?

A. carbohydrates
B. proteins
C. lipids
D. nucleic acids

Q14.Synapsis that is the pairing of homologous chromosome during the meiotic cell division occurrs during ?

A. prophase I
B. prophase II
C. telophase I
D. metaphase II

Q15.Which one of the following uses 'Laser' technology to store large amount of information ?

A. Floppy disc
B. Hard disc

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