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Current Affairs Quiz 12-13 May 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 12-13 May 2017, Bank, IBPS, SBI PO

Current Affairs Quiz 12-13 May 2017

Q1. What is the theme of International Nurses Day 2017 ?
A. Nursing: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 
B. Being a Helping Hand 
C. Nursing: Social Service of the world 
D. Serve people for better future

Q2. Which Indian City has Topped the lists of world's most affordable tech city ?

A. Mumbai 
B. Pune 
C. Goa 
D. Bangalore 

Q3. Which country has recently declared an end to a national emergency over the Zika Virus ?

A. Argentina 
B. Brazil 
C. Guyana 
D. Bolivia 

Q4. Recently who was appointed as the New Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University on 11th May 2017 ?

A. V K Saraswat 
B. Anil Ragwani 
C. Sushil Sharma 
D. A G Chndrwanshi 

Q5. Recently which major e-commerce company is almost ready to merge with Flipkart ?

A. Amazon India 
B. Paytm 
C. Jabong 
D. Snapdeal 

Q6. "Maitri" is India's ___ permanent research station in Antartica as part of the Indian Antartic Programme ?

A. First 
B. Second 
C. Third 
D. Fourth 

Q7. What is the name of the 24th Naval Exercise in between India and Singapore, which will starts in "Indian Ocean" ?

A. Surya Kiran 
B. Red Flag 
D. Wntomb 

Q8. Recently World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared an _______ outbreak in Congo ?

A. Zika Virus 
B. Ebola Virus 
C. Junin virus 
D. Crimea-Congo fever virus 

Q9. For which 3 Indian States Aadhaar is not Mandatory ?

A. Assam, J&K, Manipur 
B. Assam, J&K, Arunachal Pradesh 
C. Assam, J&K, Meghalaya 
D. Assam, J&K, Goa 

Q10. Recently who has been awarded with the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Award for Global Corporate Citizenship ?

A. Arundhuti bhattacharya 
B. Chanda Kochhar 
C. Neha Triwedi 
D. Amitabh Bhattacharya 

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