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Computer Quiz for Bank, SBI, IBPS PO Exam - 68


Computer Quiz for Bank, SBI, IBPS PO Exams

Expected Practice Questions Set - MCQ

Q1. In Excel, this is a prerecorded formula that provides a shortcut for complex calculations ?
A. Value
B. Data Series
C. Function
D. Field

Q2. Which of the following identifies a cell in Excel ?
A. Formula
B. Name
C. Label
D. Address

Q3. For secure EDI transmission on internet ?
A. MIME is used
B. S/MIME is used
C. PGP is used
D. TCP/IP is used

Q4. While selecting multiple worksheets in Excel, the following key must also be used when clicking the seets tab ?
A. Shift
B. Alt
C. Ctrl
D. Insert

Q5. Which of the following is a part of system unit ?
A. Monitor
D. Floppy Disk

Q6. A computer's ROM is ?
B. computer software
C. operating system
D. computer hardware

Q7. A word processor would be used best to ?
A. paint a picture
B. draw a diagram
C. type a story
D. work out income and expenses

Q8. A _________is an example of an input device ?
A. printer
B. monitor
C. scanner
D. central processing unit

Q9. A hard copy of a document is ?
A. printed on the printer
B. stored on a floppy
C. stored in the CD
D. stored in the hard disk

Q10. The file that is linked with an e-mail and sent to the receiver of the e-mail is referred to as ?
A. annexure
B. appendage
C. add-on
D. attachment

Q11. To insert a page break in a WORD document,the following options are ?
A. Insert and Break
B. Insert and Enter
C. Insert and Delete
D. Insert and Page Layout

Q12. This is not a function category in Excel ?
A. Logical
B. Data Series
C. Financial
D. Text

Q13. The following computer's memory is characterised by low cost per bit stored ?
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Hard Disk
D. All of these

Q14. Which contents are lost when the computer turns off ?
A. Storage
B. Input
C. Output
D. Memory

Q15. Which of the following is the most critical requirement of a Passenger Reservation System ?
A. Ease of programming
B. Response time
C. Graphical user interface
D. Printing of tickets

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