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Computer Quiz For All Competitive Exams 2017


Computer Quiz For All Competitive Exams 

Q1. A connection from one HTML document to another HTML document is called ?
A. Hyper Link
B. Connecting Link
C. Icon
D. All of the above

Q2. Windows can't be started in one of these modes, which is that ?
A. Normal mode
B. Safe mode
C. Actual Mode
D. Enhanced mode

Q3. Exchange of text messages and computer files over network either local network as LAN or over internet as WAN is called as ?
A. Chatting
C. E-Mail
D. Download

Q4. Which is the most important part of an Operating System ?
A. Shell
B. Kernel
C. Device Drivers
D. Extra Service

Q5. Who invented the microprocessor ?
A. Marcian E Huff
B. Herman H Goldstein
C. Joseph Jacquard
D. All of the above

Q6. Reversing the video of the image or text book by selecting through a menu item or directly through mouse is called as ?
A. Shaded
B. Hypertext Link
C. Highlight
D. Reverse

Q7. Display bar that list all the open folders and active applications is ?
A. Menubar
B. Toolbar
C. Taskbar
D. Window List

Q8. Hardware that are easily attached to computer and can be played instantly are called as ?
A. Multi-media
B. Plug and Play
C. Digital
D. Point to Point

Q9. A set of well-defined steps for solving a problem in a finite number of operations ?
C. Algorithm
D. Accumulator

Q10. A thin wafer of silicon on which integrated electronic components are deposited ?
A. Chip
C. Bit
D. Bus

Q11. An operation to retrieve information image as well as text which is stored in clip board and insert it at the destined place is ?
A. Copy
B. Insert
C. Select
D. Paste

Q12. A large space common in most of the windows which is for user's work with that application is ?
A. Application View
B. Work Area
C. Project View
D. Toolbars

Q13. A photograph, image or any other visual file which is displayed at the back ground of the windows main icon screen, is called as ?
A. Wall Paper
B. Screen Saver
C. Window Theme
D. Active Desktop

Q14. A unit of measuring data transmission speed is called as ?
A. Cache
B. Broad Band Channels
C. Byte
D. Baud

Q15. It is the smallest dot that can be uniquely drawm on a computer screen.This is ?
A. Boxel
B. Computer Dot
C. Cursor
D. Pixel

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