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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Banking Awareness Quiz For SBI And RBI Exams


Banking Awareness Quiz For SBI And RBI Exams

Q1. Which of the following is an example of unorganized money market ?
A. Commercial Bank
B. Insurance
C. Mutual Funds
D. Chit Fund Companies

Q2. An instrument that derives its value from a specified underlying currency,gold,stocks,etc is known as ?
A. Derivative
B. Securitization receipts
C. Hedge Fund
D. Factoring

Q3. Which of the following public sector companies provide insurance cover to exporters ?

Q4. Banks act as _______ between people having surplus money and those borrowing money ?
A. Agent
B. Money lender
C. Organization
D. Intermediary

Q5. Which one of these qualities of money is essential before it can perform any of its functions ?
A. acceptability
B. stability in value
C. durability
D. cognizability

Q6. How many MICR code on a cheque helps ?
A. For electronic clearance of cheque
B. For electronic fund transfer
C. For cheque banking solution
D. For cheque truncation services

Q7. Which of the following rupee note is not issued by RBI ?
A. 1 rupee
B. 2 rupee
C. 5 rupee
D. 10 rupee

Q8. Which of the following assets can be mortagaged ?
A. Stocks
B. Land and building
C. National saving certificates
D. Shares

Q9. On domestic term deposits banks in our country generally offer an additional rate of interest on term deposit for ?
A. Minors
B. Married women
C. Government employers
D. Senior citizens

Q10. Loans of very small amounts given to low income groups is called ?
A. Cash credit
B. Micro-credit
C. Simple overdraft
D. No frills loan

Q11. In case of a personal loan where there is default is repayment; say for 90 days, the account may be classified as ______________ asset ?
A. Sub-standard
B. Doubtful
C. Loss
D. Dormant

Q12. Which of the following is the currency of Maldives ?
A. Dinar
B. Dirham
C. Lari
D. Rufiyaa

Q13. Which of the following is the basis of credit ?
A. Trust or faith
B. Payment in future
C. Payback ability of the debtor
D. Both A, B and C

Q14. On recommendation of which committee, Rail Budget was separated from general budget in 1924 ?
A. Acworth Committee
B. Hilton Young Committee
C. Patnayak Economy Committee
D. Bretton Wood Committee

Q15. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of gold in the world at present ?
A. South Africa
B. Russia
C. China
D. India

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