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General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 6

Daily GK Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 6

Note: As SSC CGL Pre Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of June or July. So we will start a series of High Level GK Quiz as per the latest pattern of SSC CGL 2017.  You will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Quiz Time

Q1.Harappan weapons were made of ?
A. Stone
B. Copper
C. Bronze
D. All of the above

Q2.Who among the following has been called as the father of Indian Pre-history ?
A. Colonel Meadows Taylor
B. Robert Bruce Foote
C. Alexander Cunningham
D. Sir John Marshall

Q3.Which of the following was not a religious belief of the Harappan people ?
A. Belief in evil spirits and life here after
B. Cults and fire and fertility
C. Adoration of large prayer houses
D. Erection of large prayer houses

Q4.Which of the following statements regarding Rigvedic women is not correct ?
A. They could attend assemblies and offer sacrifices along with their husband
B. Some unmarried women offered sacrifices on their own
C. Women could occupy the highest positions of authority
D. Women often chose their partners

Q5.Which one of the following was a corporation of merchants in ancient India ?
A. Parishad
B. Chaturvedimangalam
C. Ashtadikgaja
D. Manigrama

Q6.Which of the following statements regarding the later vedic age is not correct ?
A. It was a fully monetised peasant society and a full fledged class based society
B. Exchange of goods especially gifts and expensive rituals formed a part of later vedic society
C. In the major part of later vedic period ritualism and ritualistic class grew rapidly
D. The tribal militia of the Rigvedic society was replaced by the peasant militia of later vedic society

Q7. Fehien's mission to India was to ?
A. Learn about the administrative system of the Gupta kings
B. Understand the social position of women during the Gupta period
C. Visit the Buddhist institutions and to collect copies of Buddhist manuscripts
D. Get full knowledge about the condition of peasants during the period of Gupta kings

Q8.Which one of the following persons was not one of the nine jewels of Chandragupta II's court ?
A. Virasena Shaba
B. Achary Dignaga
C. Varahamihira
D. Charaka

Q9.Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?
A. Pushyavarman-First historical king of Kamarupa
B. Shashanka- The first historical ruler of Bengal to establish an empire and carry his victorious arms as far as Kanauj
C. Gopachandra-established an independent kingdom in Vanga country also knwon as Samatata
D. Shilabhadra-The head of the Vikramshila monastery

Q10.Which statement is true about Ellora caves ?
A. All of them are Buddhist caves
B. Majority of them are Buddhist caves
C. Majority of them are Hindu caves
D. All of them are Hindu caves

Q11.Where is the famous Virupaksha temple located ?
A. Bhadrachalam
B. Chidambaram
C. Hampi
D. Srikalahasti

Q12.Which one of the following is the correct chronological order of the Afghan rulers to the throne of Delhi ?
A. Sikandar Shah-Ibrahim Lodi-Ibrahim Lodi
B. Sikandar Shah-Bahlol Khan Lodi-Ibrahim Lodi
C. Bahlol Khan Lodi-Sikandar Shah-Ibrahim Lodi
D. Bahlol Khan Lodi-Ibrahim Lodi-Sikandar Shah

Q13.Which of the following regarding the ownership of land during the Sultanate period is not true ?
A. The peasant was the proprietor of the soil
B. The king or his jagirdars had a claim only on a share of its produce
C. The state enjoyed only usufructury rights and not proprieary rights
D. With the coming of the Turks the basic concepts regarding the ownership of land materially changed

Q14.Which one among the following was not a reform measure carried out by Mahmud Gawan of Bahmani Kingdom ?
A. The Kingdom was divided into eight provinces or Tarafs
B. Nobles were paid salaries and were asked to maintain contingents of horses
C. A tract of land, Khalisa, was set apart for the expenses of the Tarafdar
D. Lands were measured and land taxes were fixed on that basis

Q15.Sultan Firoz Tughlaq transferred two Asokan pillars from their original sites and got them installed in Delhi. The two original sites from where the Pillars had been brought to Delhi were ?
A. Bairat and Kalsi
B. Sarnath and Sankasya
C. Prayag and Sarnath
D. Ambala and Meerut

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