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General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 13

Daily GK Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 13

Note: As SSC CGL Pre Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of June or July. So we will start a series of High Level GK Quiz as per the latest pattern of SSC CGL 2017.  You will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Quiz Time

Q1. Which one of the following groups of oceanic water currents meet near New Found Land Island of Canada?
A. Gulf Stream and Labrador
B. Kuroshio and Kurile
C. Agulhas and Mozambique
D. Brazilian and Falkland

Q2.Which water separates Australia from New Zealand ?
A. Cook Straits
B. Megallan
C. Tasman sea
D. Great Barrier Reef

Q3. What is Gulf Stream?
A. A cold current in the Atlantic Ocean
B. A cold current in the Pacific Ocean
C. A warm current in the Atlantic Ocean
D. A warm current in the Pacific Ocean

Q4.Through which one of the following Straits, does a tunnel connect the Unitted Kingdom and France ?
A. Davis Strait
B. Denmark Strait
C. Strait of Dover
D. Strait of Gibraltar

Q5.Which one of the following countries is the largest producer of electricity by wind power in the world?
A. Germany
B. Australia
C. Norway
D. Switzerland

Q6.Which one of the following countries produces the largest amount of crude steel of the world ?
A. Japan
C. South Korea
D. China

Q7.Which one of the following deserts is famous for its deposits of nitrates ?
A. Atacama
B. Kalahari
C. Gobi
D. Sahara

Q8.Duncan Passage is located between ?
A. South and Little Andaman
B. Little and Great Nicobar
C. North and Middle Andaman
D. Middle and South Andaman

Q9. The country that shares longest border with India is?
A. China
B. Bangladesh
C. Nepal
D. Pakistan

Q10.In the Indian context the term 'De-notified tribes' refers to ?
A. Tribes which are aboriginals
B. Nomadic tribes
C. Tribes practising shifting cultivation
D. Tribes which were earlier classified as criminal tribes

Q11.The tribal population in Andaman and Nicobar Islands belongs to the ?
A. Australoid race
B. Caucasoid race
C. Mongoloid race
D. Negroid race

Q12.The red colour of the red soil is due to ?
A. Phosphoric acid
B. Humus
C. Nitrogen
D. Iron

Q13.Which one of the following is the first state to have fully privatised its power distribution network ?
A. Maharashtra
B. Odisha
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Paschim Banga

Q14. For which one of the following is Lamba in Gujrat, famous?
A. Cultivation of oil yielding plants
B. Wind power plant
C. Oil refinery
D. Uranium enrichment plant

Q15.In which one of the following is higher percentage of carbon found ?
A. Lignite coal
B. Peat coal
C. Bituminous coal
D. Anthracite coal

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