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General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 1

Daily GK Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 1

Note: As SSC CGL Pre Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of June or July. So we will start a series of High Level GK Quiz as per the latest pattern of SSC CGL 2017. You will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
Quiz Time

Q1. Why is the year 1952, important in indian History?
A. States Reorganiation Act was passed
B. Haryana State was split
C. First official census in India was held
D. First general election to the Lok Sabha were held

Q2. An aggrieved public servant of the Union can challenge the decisions of the Administrative Tribunal ?
A. Before the Supreme Court
B. Before the High Court
C. Before both 'a' and 'b'
D. Before no court of law

Q3.Who was invited by Lord Wavell to form the Interim Government in India in 1946 ?
A. C Rajagopalachari
B. Sardar Patel
C. Jawahrlal Nehru
D. Rajendra Prasad

Q4.The Cabinet Mission Plan became defunct after ?
A. The Direct Action Day call by the League
B. The boyeott of the Constituent Assembly by the League
C. The formation of the Interim Government
D. Attlee's declaration

Q5.At which plce the famous enigmatic Trimurty Sadasiva located ?
A. Ellora
B. Elephanta
C. Ajanta
D. Jogeshwari

Q6. Which temple got the name of 'Black Pagoda?
A. Jagannath temple
B. Lingaraja temple
C. Sun temple
D. Bhubaneshwara temple

Q7. The latitude is the angular distance of a point of the Earth' s surface, North or South of the equator as measured from the ?
A. Centre of the Earth
B. Equator
C. Tropic of Cancer or the Capricorn
D. Poles

Q8.Who among the following Urdu poets was invited to the Second and Third Round Table Conference ?
A. Faiz Ahmad Faiz
B. Josh Malihabadi
C. Muhammad Iqbal
D. Firaq Gorakhpuri

Q9.The Pasive Resistance Aasociation Association was first formed by Mahatma Gandhi in south Africa in 1906 to organize a campaign against the introduction of ?
A. Poll Tax
B. Certificate of Registration
C. Legislation againt Indian Businessmen
D. Legislation to disenfranchise the Indians

Q10.When the Indian Muslim League was inducted into the interim government in 1946, Liyaqat Ali Khan was assigned the portfolio of ?
A. Foreign affairs
B. Home
C. Finance
D. Defence

Q11. Which continent of the world does not have a desert?
A. Australia
B. Europe
C. Asia
D. North America

Q12. Which one of the following is generally found in sedimentary rocks?
A. Basalt
B. Silica
C. Shale
D. Magnesium

Q13.Which one of the following is the correct sequence of increasing velocity of wind ?
A. Light breeze-Fresh breeze-Gale Hurricane
B. Fresh breeze-Light breeze-Hurricane-Gale
C. Light breeze-Gale-Fresh breeze-Hurricane
D. Hurricane-Light breeze-Gale-Fresh breeze

Q14. Which one of the following towns does not lie in the Mediterranean region?
A. Algiers
B. Barcelona
C. Sofia
D. Rome

Q15. Which one of the following is known as the convective region of the atmosphere?
A. Ionosphere
B. Ozonsphere
C. Stratosphere
D. Troposhere

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