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General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 2

Daily GK Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 2

Note: As SSC CGL Pre Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of June or July. So we will start a series of High Level GK Quiz as per the latest pattern of SSC CGL 2017. You will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Quiz Time

Q1. Development means economic growth plus?
A. Inflation
B. Deflation
C. Price stability
D. Social change

Q2.The Planning Commision of India is ?
A. A constitutional body
B. A statutory body
C. A non-statutory body
D. An independent and autonomous body

Q3. Which one among the following statements about globalisation is not correct?
A. Advocates of globalisation argue that it will result in greater economic growth
B. Critics of globalisation argue that it will result in greater economic disparity
C. Adcocates of globalisation argue that it will result in culture homogenisation
D. Critics of globalisation argue that it will result in cultural homogenisation

Q4.Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used in medical diagnosis to obtain images our internal body organs. This is primarily possible because ?
A. Our body possesses a permanent magnet
B. MRI use an external magnet to generate a magnetic field in our body
C. MRI uses an external electric field to generate magnetic field in our body
D. Ions motions along our nerve cells generates magnetic field

Q5. Which one among the following is the rarest amino acid in nature?
A. Tryptophan
B. Alanine
C. Phenylalanine
D. Aspartic acid

Q6. Eating of raw fish can cause deficiency of ?
A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin K
D. Vitamin B

Q7.The cell theory was proposed by ?
A. Schleiden and Schwann
B. Robert Hooks
C. Leeuwenhoek
D. Robert brown and Purkinjee

Q8.The most advanced evolutionary influorescent is found in ?
A. Dahlia
B. Calotropis
C. Salvia
D. Yucca

Q9.The macro natrients provided inorganic fertilisers are ?
A. Carbon, Iron and boron
B. Magnesium, manganese and sulphur
C. Magnesium, zine and iron
D. Magnesium, phosphorus and potassium

Q10. Which one of the following chemicals is commonly used by farmers to destroy weeds?
A. Malathion
C. 2,4-D
D. Methy1 bromide

Q11.In modern days, which one of the following chemical compounds is used for the hair setting in beauty parlour/salon ?
A. A phosphate compound
B. A sulphur compound
C. A magnesium compound
D. A bicarbonate compound

Q12.The urine sample of a diabetic patient contains ?
A. Sucrose
B. Fructose
C. Glucose
D. All of these

Q13. Plants genes of endangered species are stored in ?
A. Gene library
B. Gene bank
C. Herbarium
D. None of these

Q14.RNA differs from DNA in having ?
A. Thymine
B. Uracil
C. Adenine
D. Guanine

Q15.The classification of Engler and Prantl is one which is based on ?
A. Morphology of organisms
B. Utilitarian system
C. Habits of organisms
D. Common evolutionary descent

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