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Double Filler and Cloze Test For Banking Exams

 Expected Double Filler & Cloze Test For Upcoming Banking Exams 

Memory Based Questions

How to Solve Double Filler & Close test in Simple & Easy Tricks ?
  • Step 1 - First You need to go through the sentence line & line and try to understand the meaning. Once you understand the meaning you will be able to choose options which suits the most.
  • Step 2 - Then You need to choose one options from the given belo options which fits / suits the most. 
  • Step 3 - After choosing one just apply it in the filler and check is it suitable? If yes, then go for it, else again go through the sentence properly and try to understand the meaning. Without knowing the meaning of the sentence you will not able to select options. so try to go through it 2-3 time to understand the meaning of the sentence. 
  • Step 4 - Don't spare too much time on single questions. if you can then give your valuable time else go for the next one. 

Directions (Q.1–Q.5): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each pair of blanks that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1. This time around the cleanliness _______ by the South Delhi civic body will focus on community _____.
1) campaign, participation
2) participation, campaign
3) movement, presence
4) drive, cooperation
5) crusade, support

Q2. Our Constitution promises equality of ______ for all and fraternity to ensure the _____ of all individuals.
1) reality, morality
2) contingency, indecency
3) opportunity, dignity
4) probability, glory
5) juncture, support

Q3. It is appalling to see how students are being _____ against at admission time on the basis of some _____ and thoughtless formula.
1) segregated, credible
2) discriminated, ridiculous
3) victimised, plausible
4) inclined, ludicrous
5) favoured, reasonable

Q4. The Government has set up a high-level ____ to reconfigure the Railway Board as well as to suggest steps for resource ___ for major projects.
1) commission, compilation
2) jury, separation
3) consultants, division
4) board, acquisition
5) committee, mobilization

Q5. Phillips, the Dutch ____ that started life making light bulbs 123 years ago, is splitting off it lighting business in a bold step to ____ its higher-margin healthcare and consumer divisions.
1) conglomerate, expand
2) clustered, hinder
3) blended, bolster
4) heterogenous, elaborate

Directions (Q.6–Q.15): In the following passage some of the words have been left out each of which is indicated by a number in Red Mark. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

When a man is on travel, he often comes to junctions and (11) , and gets mixed up about which road to take. Life too is a journey, the goal being the attainment of (12) from repeated worldly life, and in this journey too, the paths are many. We could take the right (13) , and attain the feet of God, or we could take the wrong path, and never reach our (14). If we walk on the good path that He has (15) out for us, we will have a comfortable journey with no (16) and finally reach the goal. But what happens, if we are to (17) from the right path? There are the (18) to prick us and hurt us. Thus it is in the journey of life too. The Lord has given us choices. He has shown us the path, made it clear to us that the (19) of stepping aside from the path will be hurt and misery. The choice is ours - (20) we stay on the straight path, or deviate and get hurt.

1) intersection
2) crossroads
3) by-roads
4) crux
5) deadlocks

1) abolition
2) salvo
3) emancipation
4) liberation
5) deliverance

1) path
2) lane
3) avenue
4) direction
5) route

1) ambition
2) objective
3) goal
4) intention
5) destination

1) laid
2) added
3) beg
4) pointed
5) step

1) happiness
2) calmness
3) confusion
4) shambles
5) system

1) vagrant
2) erratic
3) devious
4) diverte
5) stray

1) irritant
2) shrubs
3) prune
4) thorns
5) spine

1) consequences
2) residue
3) importance
4) impact
5) outcome

1) instead
2) therefore
3) in case
4) whether
5) weather


Answers 1. 1
Answers 2. 3
Answers 3. 2
Answers 4. 5
Answers 5. 1
Answers 6. 2
Answers 7. 4
Answers 8. 1
Answers 9. 5
Answers 10. 1
Answers 11. 3
Answers 12. 5
Answers 13. 4
Answers 14. 1
Answers 15. 4

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