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Daily word list for SBI and IBPS PO - 2


Daily Vocabulary for upcoming Banking Exams

Effective for upcoming Banking Exams

Dear Reader, 

We Achiever's Rule team going to start daily word list for upcoming banking exams. It plays a vital role to boost up your score in your upcoming exams. Here we will provide you a lists of daily vocab based on "The Hindu" and "Time of India". 

Meaning in Hindi -  दुबकना,  घात में रहना,  छिपा रहना,  छिप कर बैठना,  छुपा रहना
Meaning in English -  to exist although it is not always noticeable:
Meaningful Sentence - Danger lurks around every corner
Synonyms - creep, crouch, prowl, skulk, slide
Antonyms - Excuse, come out

Meaning in Hindi -  शान्ति देना,  ढाढ़स देना,  सान्त्वना या दिलासा देना,  
Meaning in English - to make someone who is sad or disappointed feel better by giving them comfort or sympathy:
Meaningful Sentence - I tried to console her with a box of chocolates.
Synonyms - assuage, soothe, animate,calm,cheer, encourage, gladden, inspirit
Antonyms - upset, agitate, depress, discourage, dispirit, dissuade, worry,annoy      

Meaning in Hindi -  पल्टा खाना,  ठमकना,  कूदना,  झिझकना,  ठिठकना
Meaning in English - to move back because of fear or disgust (= dislike or disapproval):
Meaningful Sentence - I recoiled from the smell and the filth.
Synonyms - carom, dodge, duck, falter, jerk, kick
Antonyms - steady, face, meet, remain, stay        

Meaning in Hindi -  सुष्ठु,  हसीन,  मनोहर,  रम्य,  शिष्ट, सजीला 
Meaning in English -  graceful and attractive in appearance or behaviour:
Meaningful Sentence - an elegant dining room
Synonyms - chic, classic, delicate, dignified, exquisite, fancy
Antonyms - common, dull, inferior, insignificant, old-fashioned, plain        

Meaning in Hindi -  बपौती,  वसीयत,  विरासत,  पैतृक सम्पत्ति
Meaning in English - something that is a part of your history or that remains from an earlier time
Meaningful Sentence - The war has left a legacy of hatred
Synonyms - estate, gift, tradition, bequest, birthright, devise
Antonyms - refuse, negative, self accomplish        

Meaning in Hindi -  बीतना,  गुज़रना,  चला जाना,  गुजर जाना,  व्यतीत होना
Meaning in English - If time elapses, it goes past
Meaningful Sentence - Four years had elapsed since he left college and still he hadn't found a job.
Synonyms - expire, pass by, ranspire, flow, lapse, pass
Antonyms -  continue, hang on, persist        

Meaning in Hindi -  करतूत,  पराक्रम,  कारनामा,  वीरता का काम,  अद्भुत कर्म
Meaning in English - to use something in a way that helps you:
Meaningful Sentence - We need to make sure that we exploit our resources as fully as possible.
Synonyms - accomplishment, adventure, deed, escapade, feat
Antonyms - failure, inaction, idleness, inactivity, loss, passivity        

Meaning in Hindi - सम्मिलित होकर काम करना,  कपट प्रबंध करना,  षड्यंत्र रचना
Meaning in English - to plan secretly with other people to do something bad, illegal, or against someone's wishes:
Meaningful Sentence - As girls, the sisters used to conspire with each other against their brother.
Synonyms - collude, connive, cooperate, cabal,cogitate
Antonyms - leave alone, neglect, disagree         

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