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Daily Word List for upcoming Banking Exams

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We Achiever's Rule team going to start daily word list for upcoming banking exams. Vocabulary plays a vital role to boost up your score in your upcoming exams. Here we will provide you a lists of daily vocab based on "The Hindu" and "Time of India".

Meaning in Hindi -  पदावनत,  पदावनत करना,  नीचा दिखाना,  अपमानित करना,  अपमान करना
Meaning in English -  to cause people to feel that they or other people have no value and do not have the respect or good opinion of others
Meaningful Sentence - Pornography degrades women.
Synonyms - cheapen, corrupt, debase, degenerate
Antonyms - aid, assist, develop, enhance, enlarge

Meaning in Hindi -  घटाना,  नीचा दिखाना,   कम होना,  छोटा करना
Meaning in English -  to reduce or be reduced in size or importance
Meaningful Sentence - These memories will not be diminished by time.
Synonyms - abate, curtail, decline, decrease, dwindle
Antonyms -  develop, enlarge, expand, extend, grow

Meaning in Hindi -  टालना,  रखना,  मान लेना,  स्वीकार करना,  टाल देना,  मुल्तवी करना
Meaning in English - to delay something until a later time
Meaningful Sentence - My bank has agreed to defer the repayments on my loan
Synonyms - adjourn, delay, extend, hold up, postpone
Antonyms - advance, allow, carry out, continue, do

Meaning in Hindi - अधिकार चला जाना,  खो बैठना,  जब्त होना,  जुर्माना देना,  ज़ब्त करा बैठना
Meaning in English - to lose the right to do or have something because you have broken a rule
Meaningful Sentence - These people have forfeited the right to live in society.
Synonyms - cost, damages, fine, loss, mulct, penalty
Antonyms - award, reward, gain, victory, win        

Meaning in Hindi - देना,  बतलाना,  बताना,  सुझाना,  प्रदान करना
Meaning in English - to communicate information to someone:
Meaningful Sentence - To impart the bad news
Synonyms - communicate, convey, pass on, transmit, admit, announce, break
Antonyms - keep, withhold, conceal, cover, hide, secret

Meaning in Hindi -  पूर्ववर्तिता,  अग्रगामिता,  आगे जाना,  पहले चलना या होना,  आगे करना,  बेहतर होना
Meaning in English - to be or go before something or someone in time or space:
Meaningful Sentence - It would be helpful if you were to precede the report with an introduction.
Synonyms - anticipate, foreshadow, predate, presage, antecede
Antonyms - end, finish, follow, obey, go after        

Meaning in Hindi -  अधिकता,  बचत,  बढ़ती,  शेष,  अतिरिक्त भाग,  अधिरोष
Meaning in English -  more than is needed
Meaningful Sentence - The world is now producing large food surpluses
Synonyms - excess, leftover, unused, over, spare
Antonyms - essential, lacking, necessary, needing, wanting

Meaning in Hindi -  चमकीला,  नामवर,  प्रख्यात,  प्रसिद्ध,  महा
Meaning in English - famous, well respected, and admired:
Meaningful Sentence - She comes from an illustrious political family that includes two former Cabinet ministers.
Synonyms - distinguished, eminent, esteemed, exalted, famed
Antonyms - bad, humble, inferior, insignificant, ordinary

Meaning in Hindi -  गुणगान करना,  बढ़ाई करना,  सराहना,  स्तुति करना
Meaning in English - to praise something or someone very much:
Meaningful Sentence - His book extolling the benefits of vegetarianism sold thousands of copies.
Synonyms - acclaim, applaud, celebrate, commend, eulogize
Antonyms - blame, castigate, censure, condemn

Meaning in Hindi -  फ़ायदेमंद,  लाभकारक,  समयोचित,  आवश्यक,  इष्टानुकूल
Meaning in English - helpful or useful in a particular situation, but sometimes not morally acceptable
Meaningful Sentence - It might be expedient not to pay him until the work is finished.
Synonyms - ad hoc, advantageous, desirable, feasible, judicious, opportune
Antonyms - disadvantageous, impossible, unfeasible, unreasonable, unwise

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