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Current Affairs Quiz - 22 and 23 April 2017

Current Affairs Quiz, SBI, IBPS , BANK Exams

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 22 and 23 April 2017

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Q1. The first meeting of ‘India Indonesia Energy Forum’ to be held in which city ?
A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Jakarta
D. Hongzu

Q2. Which organisation recently won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2017 in the category of Innovative Service for pioneering a cashless township transformation model ?
A. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd
B. Reliance Industry Limited
C. Food and Technology Service of India
D. PayTm

Q3. With which bank recently the Reserve Bank of India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on “Supervisory Cooperation and Exchange of Supervisory Information” ?
A. Bank of America
B. World Bank
C. International Financial Corporation
D. Bank of Guyana

Q4. Which state government has recently decided to setup "Book Bank" in different schools ?
A. Haryana
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Delhi
D. Punjab

Q5. Which Financial Organnisation has converted itself to Small Financial Bank from a Non Banking Company ?
A. Au Financiers
B. Global Bajaj
C. Reliance Bazar
D. Future Groups

Q6. Recently which country successfully launched its first unmanned cargo spacecraft named "Tianzhou 1" ?
A. South Korea
B. China
C. Japan
D. Phillipines

Q7. Which among the following will receive the 75th Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Award ?
A. Sunil Gavaskar
B. Kapil Dev
C. Saurav Ganguly
D. M.S.Dhoni

Q8. Which country will plan to launch the "South Asian Satellite" ?
A. Pakistan
B. Japan
C. India
D. South Korea

Q9. Which airlines company has become the first one to use space based plane tracking system of its aircraft ?
A. Singapore Airlines
B. Lufthansa Airlines
C. Virgin Airlines
D. Malaysia Airlines

Q10. As per the latest report of _________, India's growth rate will be around 7.2% in 2018 ?
A. World Bank
B. International Monetary Fund
D. Asian Development Bank

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