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Computer Awareness Quiz For SBI PO Part 57

Daily Computer Awareness Quiz - Part 57

Note: As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Before that we will start a series of questions based on Previous year papers & some expected MCQ's. It will help in your upcoming Exams. 

Q1. With the help of which command, we can save the documents?
A. Ctrl+S
B. Ctrl+X
C. Ctrl+A
D. Shift+A
E. None of these

Q2. Which of these is true?
A. CD-ROM drives are plugged into expansion slots
B. Programs in FLASH are permanent
C. Programs in ROM are prmanent
D. Programs in CD ROM can be re-written
E. None of these

Q3.The following is the format of a Movie file ?
A. .ra
B. .au
C. .mp3
D. .mpeg
E. None of these

Q4.Which of the following can not be the measure of network traffic ?
A. Hardware and Software approach
B. Passive and active approach
C. Top-bottom approach
D. On-line and Off-line approach
E. None of these

Q5.IBM-700 belongs to..........generation ?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. None of these

Q6.Internet is a ........ ?
C. Intranet Work
E. None of these

Q7. ..................is the process of carrying out commands?
A. Fetching
B. Storing
C. Executing
D. Decoding
E. None of these

Q8.Which of the following has been made by reserch facility of digital electronic corporation of USA ?
A. Yahoo
B. Web cranler
C. Altavista
D. Google
E. All of the above

Q9.Which of the following groups consist of only output devices ?
A. Scanner, Printer, Monitor
B. Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
C. Mouse, Printer, Monitor
D. Plotter, Printer, Monitor
E. None of these

Q10.Capacity of Hard disk is measured in.......... ?
A. Bytes
B. Kilo bytes
C. Meg bytes
D. Giga bytes
E. Bits

Q11.Give the full form of ALU ?
A. Arithmetic and legal unit
B. Arithmetic and logic unit
C. Algorithm and loic unit
D. Alphabetic and Unit
E. None of these

Q12.Which of the following is DML statement ?
A. Create table
B. Insertion collection
C. Rollback, commit
D. All
E. None of these

Q13.What is "Panda" ?
A. Anti-Virus
B. Vaccine
C. Programme
D. Software
E. None of these

Q14. With the help of which utility, we can decrease the size of any programme?
E. None of these

Q15. What is the capacity of modern Main Frame Digital Computer?
A. 1000 mbps
B. 10 mbps
C. 10 mbps
D. 10 mbps
E. None of these

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