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Banking and Financial Awareness - Part 22


Daily Banking and Financial Awareness Quiz - Part 22

Effective For SBI PO - IBPS PO - Bank Exams - Insurance Exams

Dear Reader, 

As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Start daily practice for your upcoming Banking Exams.  It will help you to boost your score. In this section you will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Q1.The provision of consumer protection act, 1986 are applicable to the services rendered by the banks ?
A. To the customers of the bank only
B. To the customers and the user of services
C. To the customers and any user of banks services
D. All of customers and any user of banks
E. None of the above

Q2. Foreign Exchange Management Act was introduced in which of the following year?
A. 1998
B. 1999
C. 2001
D. 2004
E. 2006

Q3.'IAEA' is related to ?
A. Prevention of money laundering
B. Control of foreign direct investment
C. Nuclear energy
D. World trade
E. Promoting International understanding among the nations

Q4.The state-run IDBI bank is planning to raise up to Rs.12,00 crore through QIP in this fiscal. What does QIP stand for ?
A. Qualified Institutional Placement
B. Quality Institutional Placement
C. Quantitative Institutional Placement
D. Qualified Insured Placement
E. None of these

Q5.When was the ECGS established ?
A. 1958
B. 1960
C. 1957
D. 1980
E. None of these

Q6.NBFC stands for ?
A. Non Banking Financial Constitution
B. New Bank Financial Constitution
C. Non Banking Free Co-industry
D. Newly Open Banking Banking Financial Constitution
E. None of these

Q7. What are open market operations?
A. Activities of SEBI-registered brokers
B. Selling of currency by the RBI
C. Selling of gilt-edge securities by the government
D. Sale of share by Fills
E. None of these

Q8.What is India's apex tax body ?
C. IT Department
D. IT Department
E. None of these

Q9.Which of the following term is not associated with economy ?
B. Hindu Growth
E. None of these

Q10.What is the notified amount for the auction of 364-day treasury bill ?
A. 300 crores
B. 400 crores
C. 100 crores
D. 500 crores
E. None of these

Q11. In recurring type of deposits, the interest is calculated at?
A. Every month
B. Every quarter
C. Every quarter
D. Annually
E. None of these

Q12.The International Monetary Fund (IMF) came into existence with ?
A. Berlin Conference
B. London Conference
C. London Woods Conference
D. Rome Conference
E. Europe Conferene

Q13.After a great change in the Price of commodity there is no change in its demand. The demand is known as ?
A. Very elastic
B. Elastic
C. Perfectly Inelastic
D. Inelastic
E. None of the above

Q14 World Meteorological Day is celebrated on?
A. 21 st March
B. 23 rd March
C. 30 th March
D. 25 th April
E. 31 st May

Q15.In the context of BASEL II CRAR, which among the following is not a pillar ?
A. Minimum capital requirement
B. Risk management
C. Supervisory review of capital adequacy
D. Market discipline
E. None of the above

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