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Banking and Financial Awareness - Part 19


Daily Banking and Financial Awareness Quiz - Part 19

Effective For SBI PO - IBPS PO - Bank Exams - Insurance Exams

Dear Reader, 

As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Start daily practice for your upcoming Banking Exams.  It will help you to boost your score. In this section you will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Q1.Which of the following is not included in the eight core industries ?
A. Cement
B. Automobiles
C. Electricity Production
D. Steel
E. Crude oil

Q2.Which of the following is not a member of SAARC ?
A. Myanmar
B. Nepal
C. Pakistan
D. Bangladesh
E. None of these

Q3. The Basel-III norms will be fully implemented in India from?
A. 31st March, 2014
B. 31st March, 2016
C. 31st March, 2019
D. 31st March, 2020
E. None of these

Q4.What does lending rate mean ?
A. The rate at which Commercial banks make funds available to people
B. The rate of interest of which Reserve Bank of India lends money to Commercial banks
C. The rate at which commercial banks make funds available to Reserve Bank of India
D. All of these
E. None of these

Q5.In which year the World Trade Organization created ?
A. 1999
B. 1998
C. 1995
D. 1996
E. None of these

Q6.The Reserve Bank of India Publishes the classifications of demand deposits with the commercial bank. Which is not included in demand deposits ?
A. Fixed deposits held as security for advances
B. Deposits held as security for advances which are repayable on demand
C. Current deposits
D. Demand liabilities portion of savings bank
E. None of these

Q7.Which of the following banks for the first time has launched 'Talking ATMs' ?
B. Union Bank of India
D. Punjab National Bank
E. None of these

Q8.Which of the following financial institutions/organization are preferred by the rural people for their creadit needs ?
D. Private banks
E. None of these

Q9.Which among the following is the second largest producer of rice ?
A. Paschim Bangal
B. Punjab
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Bihar
E. None of these

Q10. Which one of the following is not a type of cheque?
A. Order cheque
B. Crossed cheqeu
C. Bearer cheque
D. Close cheque
E. None of these

Q11.The deficit budget in which the deficits are covered through taxes is called ?
A. Balance Budget
B. Surplus Budget
C. Unbalance Budget
D. Zero Base Budget
E. None of these

Q12. Which among the following is/are a 'money market instrument'?
A. Treasury Bills
B. Commercial paper
C. Certificate of deposits
D. Both 1 and 2
E. None of these

Q13.Which of the following is world's oldest international financial organization ?
A. International Finance Corporation
B. World Bank
C. Bank for international settlement
D. World Trade Organization
E. None of these

Q14.In how many categories the Padma Awards are conferred ?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. None of these

Q15.Which among the following information is not a part of the code line on MICR cheque/draft ?
A. Cheque number
B. City code
C. Bnak code
D. Branch code
E. Type of account code

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