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Banking and Financial Awareness - Part 13


Daily Banking and Financial Awareness Quiz - Part 13

Effective For SBI PO - IBPS PO - Bank Exams - Insurance Exams

Dear Reader, 

As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Start daily practice for your upcoming Banking Exams.  It will help you to boost your score. In this section you will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Q1.World Trade Organization was established at which of the following place ?
A. Washington DC
B. Bangkok
C. Geneva
D. Vienna
E. New York

Q2.In which year Reserve Bank of India has devalued twice the Indian rupee ?
A. 1971
B. 1981
C. 1991
D. 2001
E. 2011

Q3. The currency of Indonesia is?
A. Dollar
B. Rupiah
C. Lira
D. Rupee
E. Euro

Q4.Who is the author of the book 'A General and his army' ?
A. V.S. Naipaul
B. Georgi Vladimov
C. Vladimir Zhirinovsky
D. Satish Gujral
E. Anita

Q5.The amount of an asset's purchase price that is taken as an exepnse during each reporting period over the life of the asset ?
A. Depression
B. Discount
C. Depareciation
D. Deduction
E. None of the above

Q6.In content with various banking related terms, what is the correct full form of PCR ?
A. Profit Credit Ratio
B. Provision Credit Ratio
C. Provisioning Coverage Ratio
D. Profit coverage Ratio
E. None of the above

Q7.Who is the author of the book 'The Lacuna' ?
A. Willam Shakespeare
B. Richard C, Holbrooks
C. Barbara Kingsolver
D. William Trever
E. Salman Rushdie

Q8.Barkley process is related to ?
A. Gold
B. Silver
C. Gold and silver
D. Diamond
E. Aluminium

Q9.RBI has revamped FPC code for which of the following companies ?
A. Schedule Commercial Banks
B. None-Banking Financial Companies
C. Foreign Exchange Traders
D. Bank assurance providers
E. None of these

Q10.Which bank operates on behalf as the SBI in Nigeria and was established in 1981 ?
E. None of these

Q11.The headquarters of European Union located in ?
A. Brussels
B. Helsinki
C. Paris
D. Rome
E. Italy

Q12.The headquarter of European Union is located in ?
A. Brussels
B. Helsinki
C. Paris
D. Rome
E. Italy

Q13. As per the guideline of RBI, in how many days clearance of all cheques should be done ?
A. 7 days
B. 5 days
C. 2 days
D. 3 days
E. None of these

Q14.Which of the following is called Black gold ?
A. Soft Iron
B. Mineral Oil
C. Uranium
D. Coal
E. None of these

Q15.The co-operative credit societies have a ?
A. two-tier structure
B. three-tier structure
C. four-tier structure
D. five-tier structure
E. None of these

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