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Points related to Biology for SSC CGL

Important points on Biology For SSC CGL EXAMS 2017

  • The study of dreams is called Oneirology.
  • Inside the body approximately 150 lakh cells are destroyed every second
  • Everyday blood in the body of the human carries approximately 350 liters of oxygen to the cells of the body. Out of this 97% oxygen is carried by haemoglobin and remining 3% is circulated by blood plasma. 
  • The length of the smallintestine is approximately 7 meter and its diameter is 2.5 centimeter.
  • In the initial stage of formation of placenta, H.C.G. hormones flow at a large quantity and excereted through urine. At this time, in the testing of urine due to presence of this hormone pregnancy test is carried out. 
  • The bones are as strong as concrete and as hard as granite. 
  • The fastest nervous speed is 532 kmph.
  • Albatross is the largest sea bird, whose spread of feather is 10-12 ft. 
  • The weight of the kidney is approximately 150 grams. 
  • The antibiotic namely, pencicillin is obtained from penicillium fungus. 
  • A single respiration completes in 5 seconds i.e. 2 seconds of inspiration and 3 seconds of expiration.
  • The weight of the uterus of the woman who has not given birth to a child is 50 grams and after giving birth to a child the weight becomes 100 grams. 
  • The heart beat of a child is more than that of an adult. 
  • The study of the beauty of human is called kalology
  • The sex determination of human depends don male chromosomes not on female chromosomes. 
  • The internal area of the lungs of human in 93 sq. m. which is forty times of the external area of the body. 
  • In a single inhaling. a normal adult takes 500 ml air inside the body.
  • Human is the most intelligent  hominid of the universe.
  • At the time of creation of life there was no oxygen. 
  • The strongest part in the body is the enamel of teeth. 
  • The capacity of heart to pump the blood is 4.5 liters per minutes. 
  • The blood circulation inside the body takes approximately 23 seconds

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