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Planning Commission of India


The Planning Commission was an institution in the Government of India that which formulated India’s Five Years Plan among other functions. The Planning Commission was set-up by a Resolution of the Government of India on 15th March, 1950. It was set-up under the chairmanship of Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the 1st Chairman of the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission is an Extra Constitutional, Non-statutory and Advisory body. It consists of Prime Minister as the ex-officio Chairman, One Deputy Chairman appointed by the Prime Minister and some full time members. The tenure of its members and Deputy Chairman is not fixed. There is no definite definition of its members also. They are appointed by the Government on its own discretion. The number of members can also be change according to the wishes of the Government. The Government of India has suspended the operation of the planning commission with effect from June 2014.

The 1950 resolution setting up the Planning Commission outlined its functions are –
  • Determine the nature of the machinery which will be very essential for securing the successful implementation of each stage of the plan in all its aspects;
  • Make an assessment of the material, capital and human resources of the country, including technical personnel and investigate the possibilities of provoking such of these resources as are found to be deficient in relation to the nations’ requirement;
  • Indicate the factors which are tending to minis economic development and determine the conditions which in view of the current social and political situation should be established for the successful execution of the plan;
  • Formulate a plan for the most effective and balanced utilization of country’s resources;
  • Appraise from time to time the progress achieved in the execution of each stage of plan and recommend the adjustments of policy; and
  • On a determination of priorities that defines the stages in which the plan should be carried out and purpose the allocation of resources for the due completion of each stage;

List of Plans:
  1. First Plan (1951 –1956)
  2. Second Plan (1956 – 1961)
  3. Third Plan (1961 –1966)
  4. Forth Plan (1969 –1974)
  5. Fifth Plan (1974 –1978)
  6. Rolling Plan (1978 –1980)
  7. Sixth Plan (1980 –1985)
  8. Seventh Plan (1985 –1990)
  9. Annual Plan (1990 –1992)
  10. Eighth Plan (1992 –1997)
  11. Ninth Plan (1997 –2002)
  12. Tenth Plan (2002 –2007)
  13. Eleventh Plan (2007 –2012)
  14. Twelfth Plan (2012 –2017)

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