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GK Quiz based on previous papers - Part 60

GK Quiz Part - 60

Q1. The National Fruit of the country ?
A. Coconut
B. Apple
C. Mango
D. Banana

Q2. How many spokes are in Indian National Flag ?
A. 22
B. 24
C. 26
D. 32

Q3. First manned space vehicle was ?
A. Apollo 8
B. Explorer 1
C. Apollo 11
D. Vastok 1

Q4. The National River of India is ?
A. Ganges
B. Godavari
C. Yamuna
D. Saraswati

Q5. India won the first Olympic Hockey Gold at Amsterdam in ?
A. 1948
B. 1928
C. 1936
D. 1942

Q6. The National Song was composed by ?
A. Bankim Chandra Chatterji
B. Mahatma Gandhi
C. Subash Chandra Bose
D. Rabindranath Tagore

Q7. Who was the first Indian to reach space ?
A. S Mukherjee
B. Mihir Sen
C. Rakesh Sharma
D. Major Somnath Sharma

Q8. The National Bird of India is ?
A. Cow
B. Eagal
C. Duck
D. Peacock

Q9. First man of the world in space ?
A. Edward H White
B. Yuri Gagarian
C. Edwin Aldrin
D. Danish Tito

Q10. The state emblem of India has been adopted from ?
A. Lion Capital of Ashoka at sarnath
B. Palace of Chandragupt Maurya at Patna
C. Ashokan Pillar at Delhi
D. Ashokan Pillar at Allahabad

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