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GK Quiz based on previous papers - Part 45

GK Quiz Part - 45

Q1. Chalcolithic sites have been found at ?
A. Chirand
B. Maski
C. Piklihal
D. Piyampati

Q2. Which metal was known to Neolithic people ?
A. Silver
B. Gold
C. Copper
D. Bronze

Q3. Which was the important feature of the Harappan towns ?
A. Granaries
B. Large Bathrooms
C. Grid planning
D. Drainage

Q4. Ashoka conquered Kalinga in ?
A. 261BC
B. 267BC
C. 269BC
D. 323BC

Q5. Mahavir got Kaivalya under the tree of ?
A. Sal
B. Pipal
C. Neem
D. Banyan

Q6.Arya Samaj was found at ?
A. Bombay
B. Lahore
C. Lucknow
D. Belur

Q7. The court language of the mughals was ?
A. Urdu
B. Persian
C. Turki
D. All of these

Q8. Akbar died in ?
A. 1607 AD
B. 1600 AD
C. 1605 AD
D. 1611 AD

Q9. Sur sagar was written by ?
A. Surdas
B. Jayananda
C. Nand Das
D. Trilochan Das

Q10. Taimur invaded India in ?
A. 1298 AD
B. 1398 AD
C. 1498 AD
D. 1392 AD

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