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GK Quiz based on previous papers - Part 42

General Knowledge Quiz - Part 42
Based on Previous Papers of SSC CGL & Railway
sed Ba
Q1. If the earth did not have atmosphere, temperature extremes between day and night would ?
A. Decrease
B. Increase
C. Remains Constant
D. Fluctuated

Q2. A Medicine which helps to promotes excretion of urine is called ?
A. Adrenaline
B. Hydranile
C. Diuretic
D. Triuretic

Q3. Plants associated with silk insect rearing is called ?
A. Eucalyptus
B. Chinchona
C. Mulberry
D. None of these

Q4. Which one of the following has the longest duration ?
A. Eons
B. Esom
C. Epoch
D. Period

Q5. Which of the following affect doesnot affect light phase ?
A. Chlorophyll
B. Water
C. Cytochrome
D. Temperature

Q6. Amniocentesis is a method for ?
A. Separation of Amino acid
B. Determination of Foetal Sex
C. Excreation of urea
D. Inducing abortion

Q7. If soaps bubble is charged then its size ?
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Unchanged
D. Suddenly Changed

Q8. Plaster of Paris is obtained from ?
A. Sodium bicarbonate
B. Gypsum
C. Urea
D. Carbon

Q9. Washing soda is ?
A. Potassium Dicromate
B. Sodium Bicarbonate
C. Sodium Carbonate
D. Sodium Thiosulphate

Q10. Normal Human blood pressure is ?
A. 120/90 mmHg
B. 120/80 mmHg
C. 100/80 mmHg
D. 110/90 mmHg

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