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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Computer quiz based on previous papers - Part 39

Daily Computer Quiz - Part:39
[Previous Year Papers]
Based on All Banking and Insurance Exams

Q1.The parity bit is added for the purpose of ?
A. Coding Indexing
B. Error detection
C. Controlling
D. Indexing

Q2. India’s first super computer is ?
A. Agni
B. Flow solver
C. Param
D. Trisul

Q3. Find the odd man out ?
A. Coaxial cable
B. Microwaves
C. Optical fibre
D. Twisted pair wire

Q4. Which of the following is NOT operating system ?
A. Dos
B. Unix
C. Windows NT
D. Java

Q5.Internet requires ?
A. An international agreement to connect computers
B. A local area network
C. A commonly agreed set of rules to communicate between computers
D. A world wide web

Q6. Use this when you want to make all letters capitals without having to use the shift key for each character ?
A. Shifter
B. Upper case
C. Caps lock key
D. Icon

Q7.Moves the cursor one space to the right or puts spaces in between words ?
A. Control key
B. Space bar
C. Printer
D. Mouse

Q8.Choices are referred to as ?
A. Options
B. Exit
C. Boot
D. Folder

Q9. A place that a user can create to store files ?
A. Cursor
B. Text
C. Folder
D. Boot

Q10. To change written work already done ?
A. File
B. Edit
C. Cut
D. Close

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