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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)



Q1. Certificate of deposit issued by banks can have a maturity period of ?
A. 15 days to 12 months
B. 15 days to 6 months
C. 15 days to 3 months
D. 7 days to 12 months

Q2. Commercial paper is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of ?
A. A debenture certificate
B. A share certificate
C. A usance promissory note                      
D. A bill of exchange

Q3. Negotiated dealing system relates to ?
A. Trading at stock markets
B. Settlement of security dealings
C. Trading in govt. securities
D. Settlement of share payments

Q4. Statutory Liquidity Ratio is maintained by banks on which of the following ?
A. Demand and Time Deposit
B. Net Demand and Time Deposit (excluding inter-bank transaction)
C. Net Demand and Time Liabilities
D. Net worth of bank

Q5. Bank provide information to CRILC, expand CRILC ?
A. Company to register information for large credit
B. central registry of information for large credit
C. central registry of irregular large credit
D. central registry of information for letter of credit

Q6. The charge on immovable property to be created is known as ?
A. Lien
B. Assignment
C. Mortgage
D. Hypothecation

Q7. NABARD stands for ?
A. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
B. National Bank of Agriculture for Rural Development
C. National Board of Agriculture and Rural Development
D. National Bank of agricultural credit and Rural Development

Q8. Banks are required to preserve the old records according to which act ?
A. Indian Evidence Act
B. Limitation Act
C. Banking Regulation Act
D. RBI act

Q9. Legal amount in a cheque stands for?
A. amount in words
B. amount in figures
C. amount written as not over
D. amount in words or figure whichever is lower

Q10. What punishment is prescribed under Negotiable Instrument Act , for dishonour of cheque: ?
A. Fine equal to the amount of cheque
B. Fine upto double the amount of cheque
C. Imprisonment of 2 years
D. (B) and or (C)

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