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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

BANKING QUIZ PART-15 [For Bank & Insurance Exams]


Q1. A __________________ is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional   undertaking, signed by maker , to pay a certain sum of money. ?
A. Bill of exchange
B. Promissory note
C. Hundi
D. cheques /draft

Q2. At present Treasury bills are not issued for the duration of?
A. 14 days
B. 90 days
C. 182 days
D. 364 days

Q3. NON-SLR securities do not include ?
A. Mutual funds units
B. Commercial papers
C. Corporate shares
D. Corporate fixed deposits

Q4. Membership of a credit information company is not mandatory for ?
A. Private sector banks
B. An urban co-operative bank
C. Housing finance company
D. Another credit information company

Q5. According to Sec19(2) of the banking regulation act a bank can hold shares in a company not exceeding ?
A. 20%
B. 25%
C. 30%
D. 35%

Q6.A derivative usance bill is a bill___________- ?
A. which is drawn on the basis of holding of other bills of the same value
B. which is drawn on a subsidiary company
C. which is payable on demand
D. which has been discounted with a bank

Q7. A drawee bill is a bill which is?
A. Drawn on an unknown drawee
B. Discounted at the instance of drawee
C. Not eligible of discounting
D. Payable on demand by the drawee

Q8.ASBA can be availed of- ?
A. Public issue at a premium only
B. Book built public issue only
C. Right issue only
D. (B) and selected rights issue only

Q9. In case of selective credit controls, higher margins are prescribed to-?
A. Stop credit
B. To augment credit
C. To reduce credit
D. To increase the cost of credit to the sector concerned

Q10.Cash reserve requirement is calculated on the basis of a bank's ?
A. Total assets
B. Total capital funds
C. Net demand and time liabilites
D. Net profit

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