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Banking & Financial Awareness - Part 3

Daily Banking & Financial Awareness - Part 3

Note: As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Before that we will start a series for daily practice. It will help you in your upcoming Banking Exams as per the latest pattern. In this section you will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Q1.Many a times, we read in newspaper that banks in India partially implement narrow banking. The feature of narrow banking includes?
A. Low risk jurisdictions
B. Lower interest rates paid to depositor
C. extremely high liquidity
D. High risk jurisdictions
E. None of these

Q2.Who wrote the book 'Conversation with Myself' ?
A. Arvind Adiga
B. Nelson Mandela
C. Y.V. Reddy
D. Anita Ganeri
E. Jhumpa Lahiri

Q3.Which of the following is considered as informal method of getting credit/finance ?
A. Internet banking
B. Branch visits
C. Being to money lender
D. Tele banking
E. None of these

Q4.Six factors examined under 'CAMELS' does not include ?
A. Asset quality
B. Sensitivity to market risk
C. Earnings
D. Liability
E. Capital Adequacy Ratio

Q5.Which one of the following is true to ground reality method to calculate inflation ?
A. Consumer price index
B. Buyer price index
C. Wholesale price index
D. All of these
E. None of these

Q6.Whate is the full form of IEPF ?
A. Investor Education and protection fund
B. Investor Employed and power fund
C. Investor Education and Preserve fund
D. Investor Employed and Preserve fund
E. None of these

Q7. Which of the following is the first country in the world to introduce a fat tax?
A. New Zealand
B. Denmark
C. Germany
D. Sweden
E. England

Q8.Which of the following terms is used in the field of Banking and finance ?
A. Diffusion
B. Guarantee
C. Assimilation
D. Deviance
E. None of these

Q9.Which of the following agencies/organizations is setting up India's first natural resource data centre in Kolkata ?
E. None of these

Q10.The basic types of letters of credit are ?
A. Stand by letter of credit
B. Transferable letter of credit
C. Deferred payment letter of credit
D. Blue clause letter of credit
E. None of these

Q11. The indicator of economic prosperity is ?
A. Increase in gross national product at current prices
B. Increase in net national product at current prices
C. Increse in gross national product at fixed prices
D. Increase in net national product at fixed prices
E. None of the above

Q12. Which exchange's platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) become operational with the listing of BCB finance?
A. National Stock Exchange (NSE)
B. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
C. Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE)
D. Hyderabad Stock Exchange (HSE)
E. None of the above

Q13.Which among the following duties is applied by the government to control the exports of a commodity, so that the commodity can be used by the lical markets than in foreign countries ?
A. Custom duty
B. Excise duty
C. Anti dumping duty
D. Dumping duty
E. None of the above

Q14. Lots of banks in India these days are offering m-banking facility to their customers, what does 'M' stands in M-banking?
A. Money
B. Marginal
C. Message
D. Mutual fund
E. Mobile

Q15.Who is the author of 'After dark' ?
A. Haruki Murakami
B. Arundhati Roy
C. Satish Gujral
D. R.K. Narayan
E. Geeta Seth

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