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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Largest – Highest – Longest – Biggest – Smallest – Tallest in World - Part 2

Largest – Highest – Longest – Biggest – Smallest – Tallest in World

Part - 2

Important Facts
Related Names
Biggest Flower
Raffesia (Java)
Lightest Gas
Lightest Metal
Highest Melting point
Tungsten, 3410o C

Hardest Substance
Longest Animal
Blue Whale (recorded length 106 feet)
Largest Delta
Sundarbans, India (8000 sq. miles)
Largest Desert (world)
Sahara, Africa (84,00,000 sq. km)
Longest jump Animal
Longest wing spread bird
Slowest Animal
Largest Bay
Hudson Bay, Canada 
Largest Gulf
Gulf of Mexico, Shoreline 2100 miles
Largest Archipelago
Indonesia (over 3000 Islands)
Tallest Active Geyser
Giant (geyser) Yelowstone Park U.S.A. 200 feet high
Biggest Library
National Kiev Library. Moscow and Library of the Congress. Washington
Highest Mountain Peak (World)
Everest (Nepal) 
Highest Mountain Range
Largest Sea-bird
Largest Sea (Inland)
Brightest Star
Sirius (also called Dog Star)
Tallest Statue
Statue of Liberty, New York (USA), 150 feet high
Tallest Statue (bronze)
Bronze Statue of Lrod Buddha, Tokyo (Japan)
Longest Swimming Course
English Channel
Longest Life-span of an Animal
190 to 200 years, (Giant tortoise)
Largest Land Animal
African Bush Elephant
Fastest Animal
Cheetah (Leopard) 
Largest Stadium
Strahov Stadium in Prague. (the Czech Republic)
Largest Church
Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome (Italy)
Largest Diamond
The Cullunan (over 1½ Ib.)
Biggest Dome
Gol Gumbaz (Bazapur), (Old archi) 144 ft. diameter
Biggest Dome (New archi)
Astrodome, Sports.

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