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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Daily General Knowledge Quiz - Part 7 [ For Railway & SSC ]

Q1. Which city of USA is popularly known as the 'City of the Golden Gate' ?

A. New York
B. San Francisco
C. Washington
D. Los Angeles

Q2. Which Asian city was formerly known as 'Batavia' ?

A. Yangon
B. Beijing
C. Jakarta
D. Hanoi

Q3. Which Indian state does not have any scheduled tribe community ?

A. Haryana
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Jharkhand
D. Maharashtra

Q4. Which was the First Indian company to list on the Nasdaq in 1999 ?

A. Tech Mahindra
B. Infosys
D. Wipro

Q5. Which among the following chemical is used in photography ?

A. Copper sulphate
B. Calcium carbide
C. Silver bromide
D. Calcium sulphate

Q6. Who was the First cricketer in the world to score 10,000 runs in Test Cricket ?

A. Sachin Tendulakar
B. Rahul Dravid
C. Harbajaan Singh
D. Yuvraj Singh

Q7. Which European country is known as 'Playground of Europe' ?

A. Germany
B. Greece
C. Switzerland
D. Monaco

Q8. On 26 January 1950, who became the First Chief Justice (CJ) of India ?

A. Sukumar Sen
B. Harilal J. Kania
C. Ganesh Vasudeo Mavlankar
D. S.V. Krishnamoorthy

Q9. Heat travels from one place to another by which of the following methods ?

A. Conduction, convection and radiation
B. Conduction and convection
C. Conduction and radiation
D. Convection and radiation

Q10. With which athletic event is the 'Tour de France' competition associated ?

A. 50 km walk
B. 150 km walk
C. 100 km walk
D. Bicycle race

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