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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

General Knowledge Quiz - Part 6 ( For Railway & SSC )

Q1. Through which Constitutional Bill Nagarpalika Bill Passes ?

A. 70th Amendment
B. 80th Amendment
C. 72nd Amendment
D. 74th Amendment

Q2. The system of Judicial Review originated in ?

A. India
C. British
D. Germany

Q3. The First Speaker of Loksabha was ?

A. Rabi Ray
B. M. Ananthasayanam Ayangar
C. Hukam Singh
D. G.V.Mavalankar

Q4. The greatness of Shershah lies in his ?

A. Victories against Harappa
B. Superior generalship
C. Administrative reforms
D. Religious tolerance

Q5. Neuton was discovered by ?

A. Einstein
B. Rutherford
C. Chadwick
D. Bohr

Q6. What is always contained in Amalgams ?

A. Iron
B. Fevicol
C. Gold
D. Mercury

Q7. The year 2017 was observed as ?

A. Internatonal Year of Pulses
B. International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
C. International Year for Medicine
D. None

Q8. The Struggle in MY life is a book authored by ?

A. Nelson Mandella
B. Narendra Modi
C. Chetan Bhagat
D. APJ Abdulkalam

Q9. Richter scale is a/an _______ scale to measure earth tremors ?

A. Exponential
B. Logarithmic
C. Grometric
D. Physical

Q10. Which country is known as Land of morning calm ?

A. Finland
B. Korea
C. Thailand
D. Japan

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