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Article: Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan

Pradhan MantriSurakshitMatritva Abhiyan or Yojana is new initiative step of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government launched on 9th June, 2016. On 5th November it was launched by J P Nadda, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare. The scheme has been launched with the objective tohelp of health care facility for the pregnant women, especially for the poor women. The scheme is aimed to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates through safe pregnancies and safe deliveries. Under this scheme the pregnant women will be given free health check-up and required treatment for free on 9th of every month. This scheme will be applicable for the pregnant women and can be availed from all Government hospitals across the India without any cost. Essentially, this service will be provided by the Medical Officer and OBGY specialist.

When a woman gets pregnant, she suffers from various kinds of diseases and health issues such as blood pressure, high sugar and hormonal diseases. The scheme thus will provide free check-up to the pregnant women assuring their good health and birth of a healthy child. Below are some of the main objectives of the scheme.
  •       Making pregnant women aware of their health issues or diseases.
  •       Lowering the maternity mortality rate.
  •       Provide a healthy life of to the pregnant women.
  •       Making sure safe delivery and healthy life of the baby.

  • To generate demand through
  • Information Education & Communication (IEC)
  • Inter- Personal Communication (IPC)
  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC) activities.

  1. Free medical check-up for pregnant women for 9th days of every month.
  2. The Health care system offered under this scheme will help to lower maternity and mortality rate.
  3. Free health care system carried under this scheme will cover health factors of baby along with pregnant ladies.
  4. Under this health care scheme woman who is pregnant with 3 months to 6 months will eligible to avail free checkups. The women who are not from urban areas and belong to semi-urban, poor and rural areas will be given preferences under this scheme.
  5. Government of India offers all kind of health care support at free of cost under this scheme.
  6. Tests will take place at the Medical Centers, Government and Private Hospitals and Private Clinics across the India.

  • Routine Ante- Natal Care check-up
  • Identification and Management of High Risk-PW
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Counseling

v Nutrition
v Family Planning
v Care during pregnancy
v Institutional delivery
v Post-natal Care
v Rest
v Safe Sex
v Birth Preparedness and Complication readiness
v Danger sign during pregnancy
v Breastfeeding and Complementary feeding.
  •  Communication of Behavior change
  •  Healthy System strengthening (availability of trained HR, infra-structure and logistics etc.) for providing Quality service.
  •  Lab Investigation

v All Basic investigation- Hb, Urine Albumin
v RBS (Dip Stick)
v Rapid Malaria Test
v Blood Grouping
v Rapid VDRL Test etc.
  •  Filling out the MCP cards at these clinics should be mandatory and sticker indicating the condition and risk factor of the pregnant woman should be added on to MCP card for each visit,

v Green Sticker- no risk factor detect ( for woman)
v Red Sticker- High Risk Pregnancy
v Yellow Sticker- Minor Problems that’s means pregnancy with co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, STIs etc.
v Blue Sticker- Pregnancy induced Hypertension
  •  Referral Transport

This scheme aims to reach out to all Pregnant Women who are in the second and third Trimesters of Pregnancy.

  1. Patient must be living rural or semi-urban areas. People who are economically poor will be eligible for this scheme.
  2. The scheme is applicable in all the Government Hospital.
  3. There is no condition for this scheme except the scheme is applicable for the pregnant women.
  4. The Patient must be in her third and six month’s pregnancy period.
  5. The expectant mothers from the countryside will be favored to get these free health checkups.

DOCUMENTS require for applying PMSMA:
Ø BPL Card
Ø Resident Certificate
Ø Income Certificate

Ø Planning for implementation of PMSMA
v Formation of Planning and Execution committees at National, State and District level.
v Identification and mapping of Facilities or clines (both Public & Private sector) where PMSMA will be implemented.
Public Health Facility: 
Rural Areas
Urban Areas
         Sub-District Hospitals 
·    Urban Health Posts
         District Hospitals
·    Urban Dispensaries
         Medical college Hospitals
·    Maternity Homes

v Estimation of Logistics Requirements
v Planning of BBC and IEC activities to create awareness among the beneficiaries and service provided to implementation of PMSMA.
*    Mass Media
·        Television
·        Radio
*    Print Media
·        Advertisement
·        Local Newspaper
·        Banners, Posters etc.
*    Outdoor Media
·        Wall Printing in village
·        Hoardings
*    Folk Media
·        Natak, Yatra
·        Mela Festivals- village haats etc.
v Capacity building of the health care providers on the service package to be provided during the PMSMA
v Budget
Ø Public Private Partnership for implementation of PMSMA.
Ø Implementation of PMSMA in Public Health Facilities.
Ø  Reporting system to the activities implemented during the PMSMA.

Ø Role and Responsibilities of Service Providers.
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