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Computer Awareness Quiz For Competitive Exams - 76


Computer Awareness Quiz For Competitive Exams

Q1. All windows applications have to be executed in Windows or in DOS mode only ?
A. always
B. never
C. it depends on application (i.e. will run in the environment in which it was built)
D. can't say

Q2. All application files in a group should reside in ?
A. one directory
B. at the max in two subdirectories (when both of these are in one parent directory)
C. in one package
D. can be any where

Q3. All real time system are on line ?
A. always
B. sometimes
C. never
D. application specific

Q4. Multiprogramming and Multitasking are synonymous ?
A. Always
B. Never
C. OS dependent
D. Application specific

Q5. A normal compiler takes source code as input and produce this as output ?
A. Assembly code
B. Object code
C. Machine
D. All of the above

Q6. Windows can easily run on these CPU's ?
A. Pentium 1 and above
B. Pentium 2 and above
C. 80286 and above
D. 80386 and above

Q7. Which utility other than wizard asks a lot of questions while creating document user, is ?
A. wizard 2
B. template
C. help
D. all of these

Q8. A program written in high level language is a ?
A. compiled program
B. source program
C. object program
D. all the above

Q9. Router is a networking equipment used for ?
A. Routing e-mails
B. Routing IP datagrams
C. Maintaining telephonic connections
D. Fiber optics links

Q10. A type of processing in which a device can act on information almost instantly to keep up with the event occurring in the outside world ?
A. Off-line processing
B. source processing
C. object processing
D. All of the above

Q11. All windows setting are stored in this file ?
A. Windows.INI
B. Groups.INI
C. Win.INI
D. Systems.INI

Q12. To detect, locate and remove errors in programs and malfunctions in equipment is ?
A. Compile
B. Debug
C. Interpret

Q13. CPU can directly understand this language ?
A. C
B. C + +
C. Assembly
D. Java

Q14. Which among the following is/are interpreted language ?
A. C
B. C + +
C. Java
D. Visual Basic
E. Both C and D

Q15. A series of specially designed documents, which are all linked to be viewed on Internet is called ?
A. World Wide Web
B. Web Server
C. Search Engine
D. Both B and C

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