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Daily Vocabulary for upcoming Banking Exams

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We Achiever's Rule team going to start daily word list for upcoming banking exams. Vocabulary plays a vital role to boost up your score in your upcoming exams. Here we will provide you a lists of daily vocab based on "The Hindu" and "Time of India".

Meaning in Hindi -  सगा,  सगोत्र,  सजातीय,  सदृश्य,  समान
Meaning in English - allied by nature; having the same properties:
Meaningful Sentence - Something akin to vertigo was troubling her.
Synonyms - analogous, comparable, similar, affiliated
Antonyms - dissimilar, unalike, unlike, alien

Meaning in Hindi -  चर्चा उठाना,  बात उठाना,  खोलना,  छेदना
Meaning in English - to begin a discussion of something difficult:
Meaningful Sentence - At some point we've got to discuss money but I don't know how to broach the subject with him.
Synonyms - bring up, hint at, moot, touch on, advance
Antonyms - close, deny, dissuade, refuse  

Meaning in Hindi -  कोलाहलपूर्ण,  कोलाहलमय,  नादकार
Meaning in English - making loud demands or complaints
Meaningful Sentence - clamorous, excited voices
Synonyms - uproarious, vociferous, importunate, loud
Antonyms - 

Meaning in Hindi -  आचरण,  आचार,  चाल-चलन,  चाल-ढाल
Meaning in English - the way a person walks and stands:
Meaningful Sentence - Throughout the ordeal of her husband's funeral, Mrs Kennedy was a model of deportment
Synonyms - actions, address, air, appearance
Antonyms - 

Meaning in Hindi -  जताना,  दिखाना,  प्रकट करना,  प्रदर्शित करना,  व्यक्त करना
Meaning in English - to make something obvious or show something clearly:
Meaningful Sentence - They have never evinced any readiness or ability to negotiate.
Synonyms - attest, declare, demonstrate, disclose
Antonyms - conceal, cover, deny, hide

Meaning in Hindi -  आकाशीय,  मृदु,  वायव्य,  सुकुमार,  स्वर्गिक,  स्वर्गीय
Meaning in English - light and delicate, especially in an unnatural way:
Meaningful Sentence - ethereal beauty
Synonyms - airy, celestial, exquisite, ghostly, intangible
Antonyms - poor, earthly, indelicate, worldly

Meaning in Hindi -  अशक्तता,  अशक्ति,  कमजोरी,  दुर्बलता,  दौर्बल्य
Meaning in English - illness, especially for long periods or because of old age:
Meaningful Sentence - She suffered from a long list of infirmities.
Synonyms - affliction, ailment, deficiency, frailty, ill health
Antonyms - health, perfection, ability, advantage, improvement

Meaning in Hindi -  उपजाऊ,  उर्वर,  उर्वरा,  फलदार,  फलप्रद
Meaning in English - producing a great number or amount of something:
Meaningful Sentence - He was probably the most prolific songwriter of his generation.
Synonyms - creative, rich, abounding, abundant, bountiful
Antonyms - barren, fruitless, impotent, unfruitful, unproductive

Meaning in Hindi -  सीमा बांधना,  कम देना,  कंजूसी करना,  अटकाव डालना
Meaning in English - a fixed or limited period of time spent doing a particular job or activity:
Meaningful Sentence - He has just finished a stint of compulsory military service.
Synonyms - assignment, duty, job, spell, stretch
Antonyms - entertainment, failure, fun, pastime, stagnation, whole

Meaning in Hindi -  अन्याय,  घुमाव,  दौरा,  परिवर्तन,  फेर,
Meaning in English - changes that happen at different times during the life or development of someone or something, especially those that result in conditions being worse:
Meaningful Sentence - Losing your job is just one of the vicissitudes of life.
Synonyms - fluctuation, permutation, about-face, alteration, alternation
Antonyms - similarity, stagnation, uniformity, stability
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